Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Holy Week activities

I am born and raised with a religious and devoted Roman Catholic family. My grandparents in the paternal side are the reason why we in the family are closely-knit and always put God in the center of our family. Both my grandparents were active in the church when they we're still capable. My grandma passed away in 2009 while my grandpa is still active at the age of 92. He no longer is active in church but he regularly attends mass every Sundays. He never misses a Sunday.

This year is a long holy week for us. It was a timely event since my brother was here for a vacation, my sister-in-law too both all the way from UK and my auntie from Kuwait. Aside from observing holy week together, it was also perfect to spend more time with them.

  • Day 1 (Holy Wednesday) is scheduled for a get-together with my family and relatives for a Videoke party. It was the only available time to unwind since my brother and his wife is leaving by the 8 of April. We had a fun night and ended around 10:30pm. If it hadn't been our cut-off time, surely we'll end up in the wee hours of the following day. 
  • Day 2 (Maundy Thursday) we stayed at home together with my family and do some laundry. My nanny-cum-helper went home in their province and me and my husband left doing the household chores. Good thing my mom was there to nanny my baby. Doing the chores was like part of the penitence.
  • Day 3 (Good Friday), we did Visita Iglesia (7 churches + 1) with my entire family. It was also a good bonding time together with my kid and my sister's one. The plus one is our traditional thing we do. After visiting the 7 churches, it is time to take a rest and pamper our stomachs. Chowking is our saviour.
  • Day 4 (Black Saturday), me and my family headed to SM for a picture taking. Since my brother was here, we took advantage to have our family photo taken together with our kids.
  • Day 5 (Easter Sunday), my sister-in-law treated as for a lunch at Ah Fat Seafood restaurant here in Davao City. It was a hearty meal.
  • Day 6 (Araw Ng Kagitingan) is considered a regular holiday in the Philippines. It was the time that I just stayed home and rest after the long holiday/ holy day activities.
It was indeed a full-packed holidays and holy week that I'll surely keep. 


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  3. Hello Cheekeegirl.

    Got your comment on my www.swenay.com blog. Thank you for adding my blog to your blog list :) Your blog's now on my blogroll [Blogroll2] located at the sidebar.

    Seems like you've had loads to do during the long weekend. I'm a non-catholic but I respect everyone's faith. Boyfriend and I had been to two family dinner, a Friday and a Sunday.

    Have an awesome week!

  4. thanks maxi! will always support your blogs, interesting

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  6. "The only way to have a friends is to be one."


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