Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Practical Gift Idea

When it comes to giving gifts for any occasion, I normally am clueless on what to buy which would perfectly fit for the person. I don't want the idea of giving something just for the sake of giving. It doesn't make anything special or any sense for that matter. But there are some cases wherein you think the person almost have everything and that's the most difficult part: what to give him or her as a present. The best thing about giving gifts is you can make a creative way on how you would want to present it to the recipient. It doubles the excitement ones you receive a gift not just a box with a wrapper and a card. I found a very practical and creative gift idea when you are still looking for the perfect one. Vistaprint, which I found online, gives you creative idea on what to give to the loved ones.

 photo vistaprint_zpsda30e8f2.gif
Click to link
Aside from the usual greeting cards, they also specialize on business cards, stationaries, stickers and labels, calendars and more that you can actually personalize for them and give it as a gift. A wise and wonderful idea right? Not a common one. Aside from that they extend their products to clothing and accessories. We are almost near the holiday season and this will be a great idea on what to give for Christmas and other special occasion as well.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Home improvement made easy

When me and my husband got married, we immediately transferred in our own house. It's good to have our own nook and start anew. The thing about having our own home is that I can go all out as to improving and designing our new nest. For everybody's information, I am very much inclined to home and interior designing. It is my ultimate dream and became passionate about it until now. We started to have an extension at the back of our house where our dining and 2nd kitchen is situated. We haven't polished it with paint yet because we still have some fixings to do. One major factor we considered is to have proper Home Insulation which is very important when it comes to proper ventilation inside the house. Insulators help in reducing heat loss which helps us save energy. We live in a tropical area and having a hot weather is very inconvenient. Having said that, did you know that a house that has the right ventilation could make and save big bucks and creates healthier and comfortable living? See the following illustrations for your better understanding.

 photo heatloss3_zps5d7965a6.jpg
(Photo Source) This is an illustration where heat energy is lost in an uninsulated house.
Insulators prevent reduction of lost heat which helps as save energy and brings comfort in our home.

 photo Owhanake-Bay-House-Strachan-Group-Architects-5-537x357_zps5d4e0a24.jpg
A well-ventilated house even if it has big windows and air passages through the house,
is still hot or cold if it's not properly insulated. (Photo source)

Let's take a look at New Zealand. New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific region where its weather and climate conditions tend to be unpredictable and could vary in extremes at a day. It is said that New Zealand could make 4 seasons happen in just one day. They experience seasons of Spring (September to November), Summer (December to February), Autumn (March to May) and Winter (June to August) with its extreme weather conditions at that. Its climate is dominated by the mountains and the sea. It is perfectly advisable especially for the tourists to always wear sunblock to protect the skin from UV radiation coming from the extreme heat of Mr. Sun even in the onset of cloudy weather and especially during the Summer season. One interesting fact about New Zealand is that it has one of the highest UV ratings in the world. This is because the country has the clearest and cleanest environment with less air pollution that could block harsh heat from the sun. I didn't know that air pollution could help in anyway like that. For one, the basic and major means of living in New Zealand is through farming, livestock and since they are surrounded by a vast shoreline, they are abundant in marine life and aquaculture. With this kind of environment it is indeed a a livable place to live in because of its wonderful climate and weather condition. No wonder a lot of New Zealanders opt to have their own homes insulated and ventilated to maintain a good place to live in despite the sudden change of weather condition they are experiencing whole year round.

In order for me to start proper ventilating my house, I plan to get and apply for payday loansIt is a good alternative for me and convenient since I'd be able to choose my desired loan amount without worrying how to pay for it. Moreover, it is a wise decision too because it won't pressure me even if unpaid payments has not been settled. Though a risk is expected if these unsecured loans for bad credit will be taken for granted. But in general, it is the easiest and faster way that I'd be able to make my home energy efficient and big savings too in the long run. Having a good investment such as this will help save a thousand bucks!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Love, Love, Love!!!

A four letter word which means everything: LOVE. This connotes happiness and everything positive in between. When you hear it,  it's like angels are singing melodiously around you and it's quite infectious because you're singing by yourself too. As my morning ritual in the office, I go and check Ms. Jane's blog, Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. Again, she didn't disappoint. Well, she's always consistent of bringing her readers and supporters to a whole new level of entertainment that I couldn't afford to miss. She talked about The 5 Love Languages, a book she read. This interest me because there's an online quiz link (here's the link to her post) that she provided so that we, her readers, could actually experience and see for ourselves what our primary love language are. Below is the result of the quiz that I got. And here is the detailed explanation of my primary love language. 

 photo IMG_20130624_123452_zpsbaa9ae8a.jpg

As you could see my highest love language is Acts of Service: 

Acts of Service

Can vacuuming the floors really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an “Acts of Service” person will speak volumes. The words he or she most want to hear: “Let me do that for you.” Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings don’t matter. Finding ways to serve speaks volumes to the recipient of these acts.

Well, of course, for me feelings also matters a lot. But it's not about feelings or romance alone, but being able to address my needs like simple task at the house means a lot too. Gone were the days that women are assigned to do the house chores and the men are solely for work purposes. Today we live in the generation where men and women are equal.

The second to the last rank and the last of my language of love is the Physical Touch and Receiving gifts. It doesn't mean that I don't need to be touched or anything for that matter. It's actually I am given by my husband a lot of that everyday. I am way too satisfied of how he gives me that. That is sweet of him since knowing him, he is not the "showy" or "touchy"type of person. Well as for the receiving gift, I don't expect him to give me gifts out of nothing. I've learned to deal with that and I realized that there are more important factors to consider than receiving gifts. Of course, I'll be happy if he give me things out of his desire to give. That is so sweet of him to be thoughtful and generous.

Overall, this type of quiz helps us realize what we lack to give our partners and the one to be addressed. It is by this quiz that we ought to put the missing piece in our puzzle of love and to be able to keep the love alive as a couple and to satisfy each others needs.

Friday, 21 June 2013


Summer is over and so is vacation. Normally people spend their summer months by going to the beach, spending time with family, relatives and friends going out-of-town. Vacation-ing is quite expensive and tiring since you'll be out most of the time beating the heat of Mr. Sun. Nevertheless, the fun and adventure cannot be paid with the experience it offers. However, for people who are not adventurous in spirit and prefers NOT to stay outdoors, they would just laze around in their respective house and/or hanging out in the malls. Recently, I found a better way of spending vacation in a cheaper, comfortable, and luxurious way.

Hotel & resort stay-cations are the "in" thing now. It is the best alternative to experience vacation in a relaxing and different way not too far from where you're at. I love staying in a hotel & resort because of: 1) luxurious ambiance, 2) extra service, pampering and treatment for their guests, and 3) the amenities they have all under one roof. While on the look out of hotel & resort stay-cations, one major consideration when choosing where to stay is how good their amenities are. You would know that a hotel, resort or restaurant's quality is through its amenities and equipment they are using down from the lobby, in their restaurant/ bar, to their pool area up until the nook you'll be staying at. Hotel Supply Online does the trick. Moreover, spending staycation in a hotel is not just locking yourself in your room. You will always be in the look out for some entertainment. The bar is where the heart of the party is. One thing that I enjoy being at the bar is where bartenders are juggling and mixing drinks in the tumblers and other Hotel Bar Supplies for that produce of good drinks perfect for a chitchat to cap down the night.

How I wish I spent hotel stay-cation with my family last summer. My friend and her family are doing and enjoying stay-cations like at Atlanta Hotel SupplyShe has been doing it with her family even if not on vacation season just for a change and for fun too. Probably next summer, I'll take my family to a great hotel & resort stay-cation treat.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My First #ThrowbackThursday Photo

What is Throwback Thursday?

As what defines it, it is the name of a weekly post theme that social media users participate in as part of a very general "throwback" activity for posting content.

On Thursdays, people usually post photos on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook that are from the past. Photos can be from years ago or from just a few days ago. There aren't really any limitations, and it really just gives people an excuse to post more.

Throwback Thursday is very popular on Instagram, and users often tag their photos with a variety of hashtags like #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday or just simply #Throwback. Adding these hashtags can help get photos more exposure from a wider audience of people who are searching through those tags. 

The trend is quickly catching on to other social networks, and some even expand content to include songs and videos from the past as well.

It's also known as: TBT Throwback


Now in keeping with the trend and before this day ends, I'm posting my first ever #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday or #Throwback photo. This is a throwback of many years ago. Who would forget Tootsie rolls? I love these chocolate muncher. A few days ago my officemate blogger gave these to me. I was a bit depressed and since chocolate is known to be anti-depressant alongside banana, I was happy munching on these.

 photo IMG_20130620_111707_zps26f10ecb.jpg

What still puzzles me is why throw back on a Thursday? And why not on other days of the week? Would you know?

How about you? What's your #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT or #Throwback photo for this week?

My Sugar, Spice and everything Nice: An Inspiration

She is the most bubbly, funny, adorable, happy soul, all out person I've known in the blogosphere. She is a genuine, thoughtful, loving and generous mother, wife, daughter, friend that anyone could ever have. I don't know her personally but her blog says it all. I couldn't remember what, how or where I found her in the blogosphere. But the moment I bumped into her blog, that was the start of everything. I silently read her blog post everyday. No fail. I don't comment at first because by just reading and seeing her blog post and photos in it is fine enough for me. The way she just loved her 3 kids and hubby endeared me to her and that melts my heart away. She's a kind a mom anyone would want. She's so attached to her kids and vice versa. Her childish-like ways made her youthful and glow even more as I could see in her 3 kids (Ate, Babyson & Lovey as what she calls them) and her Kap (what she calls her hubby) surrounding her. Ms. Jane/ Mommy Jane, even if you are chubby (no offense po!) and I'm not, I wish I have your BIG heart. That is truly amazing of you. And that makes you endearing.

And because I'm a proud fan of hers, she just answered my teeny-weeny request through answering the Old School Blogging/ Alphabet Meme a.k.a "slumbook/autograph". Imagine she made me some kinda tribute and effort and generous of her to put me in her space! A blog post for me? I'm boasting it now and reposting it in my blog too. That's how ecstatic I am. I'm pretty sure too that her millions of supporters would want to know her inside and out. So this is Ms. Jane fellow bloggers. Visit her blog and surely you will be entertained and know what I am raving about. Here's the link below she made for me. Thank you Ms. Jane/ Mommy Jane to the moon and back!

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice: For Donna

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

People with Rich Souls

I stumbled upon Mommy Teresa's blog "Mommy Bares All." She talks about how God makes miracles in everyday life of a woman and exactly the way her life is all about. It is very inspiring that I have to share also some points where I find myself buried into the words she lovingly wrote.

And I quote:

.."I felt God's loving reminder that I should not be too hard on myself. God reminded me that as long as I give my best, I should not feel guilty. I needed to be reminded that I'm human and I have limitations."  -- That's exactly I want to hear. I jerked when I read this line. I remember alongside this a line from a song..I did my best but I think my best wasn't good enough... This is the life that I lived and I have to compose myself for my family. A mother is everything. Period.

.."it is when you are closest to accomplishing your goals that you encounter the greatest challenges." -- By faith, you are tested in whatever way possible. It is not that God is playing games on us. But having a heart and soul for Him and for Him alone we can conquer whatever obstacles that comes our way if only we believe in the grace of God. I am not the person that questions God on why this thing happened in my life. In every down that I feel in my life, yes I cried, hurt, wallowed and grieved. But I wouldn't blame my God why He allowed this to happen on me. But instead I would think that it has a purpose in my life. Because I'm sure enough that God wants me to teach a lesson and that He wants me to become better even not the best.

It is good that we read a lot of stories like this to enlighten us and not be complacent. We have our share of stories to tell and in anyways God is moving us to conquer the life He has chosen for us. And that is the best life we can ever have. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

See you at the top!

It's good to be on higher grounds. It makes oneself confident in a positive manner. It's more on feeling grateful, humbled and honored when others acknowledged and accepted you for the small achievements you made. I am telling this because my blog, Sound of Life, is making waves and ranking 300 in the Top Blogs as of today and having a Page rank 2 for quite a while now. For this, I am thanking not only my readers (I'm positive I have  ;))) but also to the bloggers who inspired me on writing my own. They are many to mention. Here's a proof of what you have done to me and my blog.

 photo IMG_20130618_135444_zpse62267fa.jpg
Need to post or else di na maulit ang ganitong ranking.

This is overwhelming for me. As a newbie. this would be my gauge to strive even harder. THANK YOU TO YOU!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Patting One's Back

It seems easy to pacify other people who are in the midst of a problem, in sorrow, sad, depressed and all other words that is synonymous to what I said. It's easy to sympathize, give them a word, hug them, listen to them just to loosen things for them. But what if there's nobody to do it for you when you are the one experiencing it? Seems difficult right? Even if you knew what to tell others, the moment you are in the situation, makes it difficult to think on what to do. Oh how I wish its easier to do it than to just say it. 

Message to oneself: Hold on! Everything is alright. It will just pass. These are mere wake up call so that you will know what is right. Don't give up! Don't let anybody ruin your dignity and feel small. Stick to what you believe in. Acknowledge the pain and free yourself. Take off for a while and reflect. Don't say a word unless you're sure to spill it out. Find time to think things over and then decide and open up. Clear your mind with angry thoughts and fill in what's important. Take a breath and feel the air and positivity coming in your body. Think of your kids. They are your treasures in life. They are your ultimate happiness and contentment. Tomorrow's gonna be a brand new day! God make these little surprises to let you know He's always there. Do not be too complacent. Just remember how lucky you are.

Friday, 14 June 2013 vs.

My heart pounded much and my breath stopped for a while as I read a sad news. A sigh of relief came on me when I saw the difference. One commenter said that it is and not BLOGGER.COM. So how would you react if you saw it? You see, there's this news circulating around the world wide web that BLOGGERS.COM is closing, shutting down operations come 25th of June 2013. I thought a part of me would break into pieces.

BLOGGER.COM. I am somewhat attached to this online personal diary as I call it. And that has how it moved and inspired me. I've met friends, learned a lot of information that would nurture me, digest a lot of things that make me discover a lot for myself. I would somehow feel for a lot of bloggers and readers who were also attached to writing and expanding knowledge through this kind of sites. It's informative and fun. Aside from that, the perks and returns are somewhat rewarding. It encourages me to hone my writing skills and to break free from any stressful element. So to all bloggers of BLOGGER.COM, worry no more. It's not what our group that binds us together that would shut down. It's the BLOGGER with an "S". Please click on the links to see the difference.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

S & R, what does it stand for?

The much talked about S & R Membership Shopping has opened its doors here in Davao City. And for about 2 weeks now since it has opened, the craze and hype has not even dropped a bit. They say that Dabawenyos are okay for the first few months when it comes to patronizing new stuff. But we'll see. Davao City has developed so much right before my very eyes. So far some of my officemates love what they saw and definitely they keep coming back there. They were raving about how the food tastes good and is affordable with regards to their serving. They told me the pizza is a must if you had the chance to visit there. Long queues is expected too!

Anyway, my blog is not about reviewing S&R since I haven't been inside the store. I was just struck by what my hubby asked me one time when we passed by the store. He asked me what S & R stands for. I got speechless and dumbfounded for a while. Oo nga ano? What does it mean? Well, as I searched in their website, I cannot found it. Then asked my officemates if they have any idea. Then one officemate of mine told me R stands for Ricks. That's all that she knows. Then I thought, maybe S & R stands for the founders of the shop. How about you? Any idea what the S stands for?

Visit S & R Membership Shopping website for more shopping experience. Happy Shopping!

Long Live Philippines!!

This is a belated greetings to my fellow countrymen. Yesterday marks our 115th year of Independence from foreign colonizers. It feels great to be celebrating it from the usual holiday where we just bum around the house and take a midweek rest. Since my hubby is a government employee and their office was invited to celebrate it at SM City Davao, we thought that it would be nice idea that I come along with my eldest daughter with him. So I dolled up my little princess in an exercise/jogging-inspired outfit since it will be an early morning event which started off with a parade of guards holding Philippine flags. I don't have idea how many are they. But its nice to see it up close.

  photo IMG_20130612_080157_zps15b00448.jpg

 photo IMG_20130612_080342-1_zps009a2a7e.jpg
My darling made a Girl Scout sign. Boy scouts also joined in the celebration.
I love SM's Philippine flag logo.

 photo IMG_20130612_080857_zpsf97e3828.jpg
This is inside SM's Annex area where a short program was held. It was also a turn over of school supplies which SM donated to the City government to help those schools who are in dire need of it. I love SM's idea of making a big Philippine Flag where it was made up of school supplies. I just regret that I didn't take a photo from above.
 photo IMG_20130612_080901_zps0aa8b2aa.jpg
My kiddo is excited where she makes a pose and dancing beside the uniformed Boy Scouts.

 photo IMG_20130612_080905_zpscef168a4.jpg
Right on the 2nd Floor, you could see those security guards holding the Philippine flags. They surrounded the whole area. I felt like being proud of my roots.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Old School Blogging, June: Let's A-B-C

School's here and so is my blog for today. I'm doin' the Alphabet Meme as inspired by Mommy Kim of Mom on Duty. So here's ME in A to Z.

A. Attached or Single? Legally ATTACHED for 3 years now with 2 beautiful kids.

B. Best Friend? Aside from my hubby, mother and sister, I have 2 girlfriends who I can share my innermost feelings that not anybody can know. 

C. Cake or pie? CAKE in any sort like everyday. My weakness.

D. Day of choice? SATURDAY.

E. Essential Item? WEDDING RING. 

F. Favorite color? Current... TURQUOISE.

G. Gummy bears or worms? WORMS.


I. Favorite Indulgence? SPA/FACIAL & BODY MASSAGE

J. January or July? JULY. My birth month.

K. Kids? 2 beautiful girls, MARIELLA and NIQUE.

L. Life isn’t complete without? My God, my Family, friends... Spending quality time with them is incomparable and pure joy.

M. Marriage date? January 04, 2010.

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 1 younger brother / 1 older sister

O. Oranges or Apples. APPLES.


Q. Quotes? "Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you." The basic rule, The Law of Karma. I believe in that. Same like the saying, "You reap what you sow."

R. Reasons to smile? Everyday when I wake up and see my family happy, a clean and orderly house, soothing music (Jazz, RnB), scent of pine/vanilla, bumming at the beach, vacation time, cool weather, anything sweets and coffee (adds kick to life!), meeting and spending time with friends, when I finish every blog post I write and when I see my blog ranks and when I inspire others...

S. Season of choice? SPRING.

T. Tag 5 People. Ms. Jane, Mommy Fleur, Mommy Frances, Marie
 and Sheng. These bloggers inspire me a lot in so many ways.

U. Unknown fact about me? A wanna-be Interior/ Furniture designer.

V. Vegetable? Broccoli.

W. Worst habit? Pulling dead/dry hair.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? ULTRASOUND!

Y. Your favorite food? Spell C-A-K-E.

Z. Zodiac sign? CANCER/LEO. I'm born July 22. Sometimes when I read horoscopes, 22nd of July falls on a Cancer or sometimes Leo. I don't know why is that.

Now, it's your turn. As per Mommy Kim, ..."hop right in and copy-paste the questions from Elaine and Jennifer's (they co-host this) blogs. Don't forget to add the badge below!"

This is so much fun! Invite also your blogger friends to do the same. You may also share this thru tweet-ing (add #OSBlog) or facebook-ing.

Happy Monday everyone! #happiness.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My Take on The Philippine Kasambahay Law

June 04, 2013 marks the effectivity of Republic Act No. 10361, otherwise known as the "Domestic Workers Act" or "Batas Kasambahay" (you can view the bill here or a more simplified version here). A "Kasambahay" or "Domestic Worker" as what it say are the general house-helper, nanny or "yaya", cook, gardener, or laundry person (but shall exclude family drivers, persons under foster family arrangement and service providers. You can view the entire details under Sec. 2 & 3 of the bill). As an employer, I have to read thoroughly, know and understand what is the bill all about. I have a nanny and a house-helper because of my 2 kids. If not, I'd prefer not to have even one.

In general, my opinion on the passed bill is that it is applicable for those people who drafted and spearheaded it. They are politicians whose income is way beyond the salaries of ordinary people. Or yet they haven't experienced to have worked with a "problem-child" house-helper. Moreover, it should have fair play with regards to the rules and regulations stipulated between the employer and employee and not weighing more only on the employee or vice-versa. But in this case, it's like the kasambahay had all the rights and you, the owner of the house, don't have!

I'm quoting on some rules in the bill that I have a reaction to. Read after the break..

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Favorite (current) stash: Cloth Diapers

When you're a mom especially a new one, you forget your needs (and even the wants) and excited on the little ones. Having a baby makes shopping extra exciting for me. Not that I do it regularly. But the moment I step at the department store, the first and must-go for me is the baby/infant section. I don't know. The mother-in-me I guess. Baby finds are a delight for me. Seeing new stuff and innovative products that is useful and beneficial to my baby amazes me all the time.

My current addiction and slowly stashing my collection is cloth diapers. Although a bit expensive at first but in the long run it's all worth it and a good investment. Actually this is a traditional practice before disposable diapers are introduced in the market. Cloth diapers nowadays are re-branded, redesigned and reinvented that will fit and suit to the lifestyle of the mothers of today at the same time. Now that we are ecologically, health and financially conscious about almost everything, Cloth diapering can help save almost everything too!

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive because of the inconvenience it may bring: the leaks, the constant and frequency of diaper changes, the amount of diapers to be laundered and all unlike and compared to disposable diapers. It took me a while to give it a try. But because I want to contribute in saving the environment, budget money expenses and what's best for my baby (click here to know what I mean), I gave this a try only 4 months ago. Now that my second baby is 8 months old (I regretted I didn't used it on my eldest baby now she's 2), it was a surprise that everything I thought about saving indeed came true. Now I have only 4 Cloth diapers on hand (1 Alva, 1 Bamboo Dappy & 2 Baby Leaf, in order according to my preference. But there are a lot in the market that is available depending on your preference. I shall have a separate post about a review of my cloth diaper experience.) but it is still not enough. For a start one should have at least 8-10 cloth diapers or at most 12 depending on the extent your baby is on wetting/pooping. That is for an alternate use already. And cloth diapers should be hand washed every other day that is why you need to have extras to use for the next day. In a day, my baby uses at normal about 3 cloth diapers and at night about 2 disposable diapers. I am planning also to fully cloth diaper my 2 daughters at night where overnight inserts are also locally available. A local seller sells overnight inserts (5-layers) at a price of 150pesos. There are a lot of information about Cloth diapers and diapering itself. I still consider myself a newbie and it helps that I get to know about cloth diaper and its proper use because for me it is all worth trying for.

I am very grateful that I blog because in here I knew about this. I have a list of blog roll of mommies who had great insights about Cloth Diaper/ing 101. You can view them on the right side column on my page --Mothering/Family/Home. Recently, I found in Facebook a group called MCNP (Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays) Group Buys. In here, you get a lot and more insights about different cloth diapers in the market and where you can buy it, frequently asked questions about cloth diaper and diapering and these mothers can help you especially if you are first time mommies or make shift to cloth diapering for your little ones. Since then I can't get over about cloth diapers because aside from the fact that it helped me in so many ways, I just love the designs and styles that makes me wanna hoard it. These has gone to a whole new level of Cloth diapering because of its stylishness and oomph not only for little girls but even for the little guys as well. I love being a mother as much as I love Cloth diaper/ing.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Farming, Fruits and a Refreshing Honey Dew

I am one lucky person because I have a partner who has abundant supply of fruits from their farm almost every week. And we rejoice for the plentiful of food we get from my hubby's family. I am not much into eating fruits unlike my hunger rush for chocolates and sweets. My MIL's ethnicity is Bagobo and they acquire quite a big expanse of area which they plant fruit bearing trees years ago. Good enough that hubby got my MIL's (mother-in-law) and FIL's (father-in-law) love for farming. In my hubby's younger days, he talks about living a simple yet abundant life in the farm. Simple because they are not as comfortable as with their way of living now but they are happy and content with it. Abundant in the sense that their means of living is just outside the vicinity of their small house full of fruit-bearing trees. They have durian, banana, cacao, lanzones, marang, avocado to name a few which they and we enjoy until present.

I may not be a fruit eater but I have a selection of fruits that I may be selfish of. Like this one: Honey Dew

 photo Photo0286_zps74e95e97.jpg

 photo Photo0287_zps0a30b805.jpg
Crunchy and sweet.

 photo Health-benefits-of-Honeydew_zps11249ae5.jpg
Honey Dew Melon fruit. Photo source here

Honey Dew is part of the gourd (termGourd is occasionally used to describe crops like cucumberssquashluffas, and melonsfamily. It is the sweetest of all the melons. My office mate usually brings this to office and shares with us. The first time I tried it, I immediately fell in love with the taste. I didn't expect that it taste this good since it is not that common unlike bananas, mangoes, watermelons and the like. This is good when eaten cold as the crispiness and the juiciness of the fruit brings out freshness to ones mouth and body. This is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, pantothenic acid and Vitamin B6 which helps beat high blood pressure levels, skin conditions as well as other difficulties of the circulatory system (source and more information about Honey Dew including its benefits here)

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...