Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mental Block

I am nowhere in sight in the blogosphere for almost a month now. This somehow made my everyday routine lifeless. Nevertheless, I am present visiting other bloggers sites which I enjoyed leisurely. Maybe it's because I'm now gearing up and nearing my due date of expectancy. I feel lifeless, tired and slow in thinking that made my blog less appealing to my GFC friends (hope they will still support me even I'll be looong away during my 2 month maternity leave). But on the other hand, I came to discover a lot of things visiting other blogs to keep me updated and not outdated. I'm sure it'll be a challenging chapter ahead of me expecting my second baby girl anytime soon. Wish me luck and a safe delivery guys! I hope by the time I'm back on track, you are still there supporting my blog even if I'm away. I just can't wait to see another angel in my bedside and experience a whole new chapter of my life. It's a season of Christmas and I'm looking forward to experience it with the new blessing God has given my family. Season greetings to everyone!


  1. Advance Merry Xmas..Goodluck and Congrats as well on the new baby..

  2. Good luck on your new baby! :)


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