Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Life's Little Mishaps

Yesterday's turn around of events were unexpected. There were a couple of not so good incidents that happened to me and my hubby on our way after office work. We did not go home directly since we have to fetch somebody at the airport. She'll be arriving at 6:45 in the evening. Aside that the weather is a bit gloomy (though it didn't rain), my husband told me that we will stop first at a vulcanizing shop to have his spare tire fixed. It's almost 7pm and we were still there. He told the man who fixed his tire if it can be finished the soonest since we'll still be going to the airport. Maybe because of that pressure, the tire wasn't worked properly. Because halfway on our way to the airport, we heard a noise at the back of the car, it's like we were pulling tin cans. When I told my husband what's the noise all about, he immediately pulled down his window and saw that the tire that was fixed was again almost wrecked.  We were still thankful that we were not driving in a highway and prevent any deadly accident. That was so frustrating. Even if we have to fetch his friend, he asked her instead to take the taxi and follow us where we had a change of tire again. Good thing that there were good Samaritan bystanders who extended their help changing the tire. That was a time consuming incident. I was surprised that I didn't flare up and took it coolly. I was able to calm my husband down despite what happened because I know he is already hungry.

That's what life is all about. You never know what will happen to you in the course of life. But we must be ready to face any untoward incident that comes along our way. The most important thing is the attitude we choose on those trying times and how are we able to deal with it.

But at the end of the day, we were able to get half dozen of Krispy Kreme from that friend of ours. It was a happy ending indeed!


  1. At least after that unexpected event...you all happy. Tc

  2. ATTITUDE matters most in dealing ups and downs of our live :D
    thanks for the post, keep safe :)

  3. Patience is a virtue CG! Besides, that krispy kreme was all worth it, I mean, having your friend's company. LOL

    Anyway, thank you for your greetings. More power! ☺

  4. That was one annoying and frustrating experience :( But the more you take bad situations more coolly, the more that it will take you away from the bad situations. Coolness is "courage under fire"

    Btw, kindly adjust my running blog link because I converted it into a domain. It is now "bloggerrunner.com" but with the same blog title "Run and Keep on Running". Thanks!

  5. Nice post.


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