Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Gift 2013: Mothercare

Now that I became a mom, I'm more tempted to buy stuff for my little ones rather than for myself. Even if I have to badly update my current wardrobe for a long time already, I always end up buying for my kids. Maybe, I've come to be a mature buyer and the mother in me exceeds more than anything else. When it comes to looking stuff for my kids my go to stores are in SM malls and Mothercare. I love the selection of clothes from SM not only for my girls but they have my sizes too. That's the advantage of having a petite frame. Last Tuesday, I visited the Ayala Abreeza mall branch of Mothercare and got this pair for my little girl. What I love about Mothercare is that their SALE is all year round. It doesn't need to have special events in order for this heavenly store to have discounts on their items.

 photo IMG_20131218_142850_zps87fc967e.jpg
A size 10 for my almost 3 year old daughter. Sorry for a dirty image.
Blame it on my cellphone camera's pixels and poor lighting.

 photo IMG_20131218_142900_zpsae26df64.jpg
I love the rugged style. It's like a converse. The soles are really good.

 photo IMG_20131218_142636_zps530e742b.jpg
You might wonder why a got a blue color for my daughter. Why not? It's the only stock left so I grabbed without second thoughts. You would really not pass this because it is just P300.00 pesos from the original price of P999.00 pesos.

 photo IMG_20131218_142613_zps12ed3049.jpg

I also got a 2-piece shorts for 5-7 year old boy for only P300.00 pesos from the original price of P799.00. Such a steal! #mothercare #smmalls #kidsfashion

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Speed Gun on the Loose

If you are a resident of Davao City, you would probably know what I'm talking about. Recently, the City Government has implemented a law, Executive Order No. 39, mandating motorists to observe a specific speed limit for a designated area (from 30 kph to 60 kph). This is to alarm erring drivers who drives carelessly and recklessly as if they own the road and to avoid any mishaps. This newest gadget comes in handy by our Traffic Management Center (TMC) personnel who are posted in major points in the city and can detect speed by pointing on a particular vehicle a few meters away.

 photo speedogun_zpsebb3545f.jpg
Photo NOT mine.

Based on the E.O. No. 39, motorists must observe a maximum speed of 60 kph from and to the following points: Sirawan to Ulas Crossing, from Lasang to Panacan, from Calinan to Ulas Crossing and from C.P. Garcia Highway -MacArthur Highway to Panacan. A maximum speed of 40 kph from Ulas to Generoso Bridge/Bolton Bridge, from Panacan Crossing to J.P. Laurel Ave. -Alcantara and from Ma-a Diversion Road to MacArthur Highway. Further, within the city proper, one must observe a 30 kph maximum speed limit. Violators of this law are required to attend seminar and pay a P1,278 fine. On the 3rd violation, driver's license will be suspended by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for 2 months. (source: Mindanao Times dated Dec. 18, 2013)

Aside from the CCTV cameras which are installed in designated traffic light posts, this equipment thus detects the speed of ones vehicle. Yesterday, we were not spared of this. Driving along Quimpo Boulevard road on our way to office, we were asked to pull off from the road. My hubby was interrogated by the Traffic personnel. Honestly, the speed of 40 kph along that area is ridiculous. Following that speed with only you or a few vehicles passing the road is kind of dozing me off as a passenger and we are like having a leisurely tour around the city. It's just really too slow and I think it is not a suitable speed for a highway like that. Unlike other countries, each lane has a specific degree of speed in which I think should rightfully be observed. I am in favor of this law that is strictly implemented for the safety of everybody. Kudos to our beloved #Davaocitymayor Rody Duterte for always being in action and always empathizing Davaoeños. But I think to amend a little wouldn't harm and for everybody's benefit too. #justsaying

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Gift 2013: Big-sized watch

I'm so happy to share with you my first Christmas gift from a dear family member. I got what I want.
The photo speaks for itself.

 photo IMG_20131212_130217_zpsed8b6b89.jpg
So sorry for that blurry image. I love it!

It's so timely and fashionably classy. I love that this Aldo big-sized watch for women has 5 interchangeable straps in creamy white, tan, black, red and a flowery one that can fit to any color of your wardrobe. The gold tone color of the watch itself is not too flashy nor it is heavy. It became my everyday watch that looks fine in my office uniform since I got it a week ago. #christmasgift

Thursday, 12 December 2013

First Attempt: Blood Donation

Oh my! I was hoping to get it this time to finally give back something special and meaningful this holiday season. Blood donation is something I've been meaning to give a shot not only does it make it a heroic deed but also it does benefit or is good for our bone marrow. The previous attempts were all a fail. The recent one before this, I already passed but it was my menstrual period so I cannot donate. Today, our office conducted a blood donation activity facilitated by the Philippine National Red Cross of Davao. I never hesitated to admit myself for a check-up to see if I can donate this time. After a series of blood tests and interviews which is just quick, I passed. I was delighted and #feelblessed and thought finally I can give this time. I was asked to lie down and I was a bit nervous because it's my first time to have my blood extracted in I think 2 bags of like a dextrose container. That's the amount of blood required to be donated.

 photo IMG_20131212_130103_zpsb96d51a7.jpg
First attempt of inserting a big needle in my right arms FAILED! 
Not because the in-charge got it wrong but my tiny and only visible vein is kinda shy 
and collapsed the moment it was inserted the way it is.

It was painful but it was tolerable. I can feel how big the needle is when it was inserted. I didn't loose my hopes and the in-charge told me she would try the other side of my arms. If you are really scared in these kind of needles and blood matter, you won't think of doing it anymore and again on the other side. But I bravely welcome the in-charge's idea.

 photo IMG_20131212_130114_zps2d79539f.jpg
Second attempt on the left arm FAILED!

This time I got disappointed already. Same explanation as of the first attempt. Still not giving up, I asked the in-charge if it's possible that they extract blood in my hands instead. She told me it's not allowed since the flow of the blood in the hands is slow. I asked her what could be a possible reason why my vein collapsed. Maybe my veins is about the size also of the needle and it's really small for the needle. Oh well! How can I make my veins bigger? Laughter broke down in the hall. Lol! Dismayed to the highest level! But I guess there is a reason why I cannot donate blood. God knows how I want to give. Better luck next time for me. But it's good to know that I'm fit and healthy and able to donate in my own little way.

 photo IMG_20131212_131918_zpsa723071f.jpg
My PNRC blood donation card. At least I tried than never tried at all.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

SM's Thanksgiving Day Sale Loots

I told you, sale is everywhere as it gets near Christmas day. Though this might be a super late post, but still it gives you an idea what SM has in store especially that shopping for the holidays is frenzy. But before that, SM got it all for us as they hold a 1-day sale for their valued customers especially those who are their members holding SM Advantage cards. Oh yes, I have it! It's usually held every 28th of November and every year big discounts are in store for their valued shoppers. That day I dropped by SM City Davao to check on some kids stuff. I bought these:

 photo IMG_20131128_230237_zps1c64674d.jpg

 photo IMG_20131128_230319_zps9d10f491.jpg
This is Old Navy brand leggings which I bought at P150.00 pesos less 10% because I have a SMACard. The perks!

 photo IMG_20131128_230414_zps13f283c4.jpg
This is a 6-piece kids panty that cost around P169.75 pesos less again 10%.

 photo IMG_20131128_230430_zpsd7bef2d7.jpg
This is included in the 6-piece panty for my 2 year old daughter.
I love how soft the feel of this piece to the skin. And I liked it because it's not garterized
in the "singit" area.

 photo IMG_20131130_085423_zpsfa40efba.jpg
This is is not included on the 10% off because I bought it the next day.
I find this slippers so cute and comfy for only P129.75 pesos.
It comes in yellow and pink colors.

SM has definitely captured their caption. We got it all for you! I love shopping at SM. #shopping #kidstuff

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bazaar, Sales & Me

Being silent for a week here doesn't make me one happy person. It feels like I've been out of this world for like months and have not been informed of what's the latest. I feel the rants of fellow bloggers after endless apologies of not being able to write for how many days. Now, that's how it felt.

So what I am up to for the past week? Well, I've been busy with work-related concerns. Now that Christmas draws near, I am also in the mood for shopping for gifts to give. A lot of SALE and discounts happening in every malls here in the city not to include bazaars that I went up to. Not to mention that some malls have 2 day midnight sales and it's quite a festive city for these past few days now. Last weekend, I went to a Christmas bazaar held in Davao Convention Center. I saw a lot of great stuffs and end up buying some. I bought a blouse, leggings and espadrilles for myself which cost me P500.00 pesos only. I bought my daughter a blouse and leggings too equivalent to P180.00 pesos and both are imported brands which still has tag. I also bought gifts for my loved ones all at reasonably priced items. These stuffs I bought are not cheap in materials. But they are sturdy and of good quality. I love bazaars especially this particular Christmas bazaar which is usually held every last week of November. I can see all finds that department stores sell in a much higher cost. Or we can't even see in stores locally. Some are imported brands that cost less.

I also went to Gaisano Grand Toril last Sunday with my family. Before we went for grocery, we headed first to their department store. We saw lots of great gift ideas that are affordable but of good quality. We love it there since it's not very crowded and its like we lazily shop there. No pressure as we don't have to fall in line for long as cashiers are catering to a few customers only. I'm planning to go back there to buy more. I'm not yet done shopping (tehee!). It's great to shop for others and what's more interesting is I got to scout for good gift ideas even if I don't have enough cash yet. At least I know where to go as soon as I have the money. I also heard that Gaisano Mall in Toril has great selection of finds also in their department store. There are a lot of sale items in good condition. Sadly, we weren't able to go there due to some feedback that it is still dusty and the paint is still smelly which I think is not good for my kids. The building is still undergoing construction and the only open stores at the moment is their supermarket and department stores. We are looking forward to the opening of more stores in the mall as what my officemate said, the place is big and "sosyal". It has its own "walkator" similar to that of SM Lanang Premier. Hence, we are scheduling to visit there a couple of days more.

I love that malls are sprouting near our area and we don't have to go too far just to be able to leisurely spend time in malls. I love going to malls and my hubby can attest to that. #shopping #malls #bazaaar

Modern Lighting at Home

A homeowner with a dining room featuring modern décor likely wants the lighting to play an important role in the appearance of the space. That's why many homeowners choose contemporary light fixtures for their dining rooms. One example of this sort of lighting comes in the form of pendant lights. Here are a few examples of how homeowners use pendant lights in their dining rooms.

Some homeowners like the look of pendant lighting above their dining room table. A pendant light that features a bell shape is one idea for a homeowner's dining room. Two or three of these pendant lights would give a long dining room table a tremendous amount of light. 

 photo pendantlightmultiple2_zpse26b32e9.jpg 

 photo pendantlightmultiple1_zpsfa36fa8f.jpg
Photo source

Alternatively, a single pendant light would be enough to illuminate a smaller dining room table. A pendant light above a dining room table would highlight the attractive appearance of any meal that a host puts out for guests.

 photo pendantlightsingle_zps340f978b.jpg

 photo pendant-dining-room-light-481_zpsae312a02.jpg
Photo source

Homeowners often choose to install pendant lighting above a buffet table that is sitting on one side of a dining room. A host may use this table to help in the serving process. For instance, some hosts enjoy taking each guest's plate and filling it with the different foods that he or she has prepared. This way, the guests can remain seated. Pendant lights above a side table in a dining room can illuminate all of the dishes and make the silverware sparkle! A homeowner who hosts lots of dinners would likely appreciate pendant lighting above a dining room's side table.

 photo Orignal-Western-BBQ-Wedding-Shower_buffet-table2_4x3_lg_zps645450fe.jpg
Photo source

 photo its_a_party001_zps3617086e.jpg
Photo source

* Photos are not mine. For illustration purposes only.

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