Thursday, 10 May 2012

Online Purchase

Nowadays, everything is so accessible and hassle-free because of the high-end technologies that are invented like the computers, cellphones, Ipads and the like. These inventions made everything so easy especially in online purchases and fund transfers via bank facility. Before I am afraid to risk my payment online especially that there are scams already that surrounds buying through the internet. However, due also to my favorable encounters with people doing the thing, I have been a bit convinced to do it and experience it myself. Not a techie, I somehow do my second attempt in purchasing cosmetic product online. The first one was a success and had received it in good condition. This time I braved enough to purchase online because when I called their branch office here in Davao, the stocks I want was not available. But since I need (want!) the product badly (impulsive buying, here I go again), I decided to go online. I don't know if the stocks are readily available in their head office, but hopefully it will reach me within 1-2 working days from today. It's very convenient and with just a click in my keyboards, whala! online purchase already confirmed.


  1. lol. yer link has been on blog eversince. lol. i just checked if its still active.

    anyway, ive been shopping online since 2011. hassle free indeed. haha. hope you'll get yer orders soon :D

  2. too bad..i still don't my zalora order


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