Friday, 20 April 2012

Saturday: I can't wait!

Here's to another weekend. But this Saturday is different from the rest of my weekend. Since I already blog about wanting to go for a dip in the beach for summer, hence, my wish will finally come true. Wink! I'm going to a birthday party and it's going to be in an exclusive beach resort that is equally heavenly. It will be in small Ligid at the renowed Samal Island in Davao City. My boss will be celebrating his birthday at his own Island. It is my dream to be there one of these days. And eventually tomorrow will be the day. My husband has been yearning to be in that resort. But it's an exclusive resort that strictly invitees are welcome. It's open for public but because of its high end price, a few are chosen and privileged to be in this beautiful paradise resort. It's worth the price indeed. Going there has no entrance fee. But if you're planning to be there, you rent the whole Island and it's yours. Everything from the amenities and the food are all-in-one package.

I'd better be ready and my camera in hand. I would not miss a thing in there and will experience summer at its finest. Buenavista Island Resort, here I come!


  1. I envy! Hehehe!

    Enjoy and I will wait for your next post about it. :)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Have a great weekend and hey! bring some nice pics back for all of your readers! haha! :D

    1. will do that. thanks for the visit

  3. Enjoy your weekend Cheekee, will wait for your next post too. Haven't been to Davao yet but am so looking forward for a chance to go there, hopefully next year. :)

  4. OM!!! The place ♥ Heaven! The place is just so awesome!!! :D


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