Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The so-called "RH Bill"

I had been hearing about this issue lately in the Senate more so when President Noy declared through his recent "SONA" (the 3rd "State of the Nation Address") that he is in favor of the RH Bill which some women in the House of Senate are in favor of. I honestly could not say if I am in favor of it or not because I haven't been well-informed of the said bill. However, I have my stand in which I personally believe that one must be well-educated and sensitive enough to build one's family at the expense of one's health (especially that of the mother) and financial condition in life. I would love to have a BIG family. It is of so much joy to have many children around because it's fun. Both my parents have a big family too that's why I can say the bigger, the merrier. However, they were born way back when the peso is equivalent to US$ 20 or way below; when one (1) liter of gasoline/diesel is P16.00 or below; when the transportation fare is around P1.00 or below. You see, the way of life before is very affordable that a family can sustain to raise kids of 8 members or more. Not to mention that only the husband is working for their living and the wife is taking care of the household and kids. I wish that it's still our way of life today. But it's not. Everything is rising except for our salaries (if you're a working/an employed being). And it's hard to cope with the expenses if you have plentiful of children with the present condition we have. I am in favor of family planning for both parents. Whether they would be using contraceptive method or natural planning, it depends on the parents as long as they will be thinking of the well-being of their family. One to two or five to six children doesn't matter as long as they are capable of keeping their family on its feet and that they can provide the needs or maybe wants of the entire family. A well- planned and well-educated family is healthy for everybody. Not only for the family itself but also for the society as a whole.


  1. Naku :) ako rin! I wish to have a big family also but then, good health and education must be prioritized. I must have my freedom to choose syempre... but then, I think, if everybody is well-informed... they also have the freedom to choose and to act according to not only their will but also for their best interest.

  2. it always depends on the parents. i, myself, wanted a big happy family, but i could only manage three, so, as soon as I had three, i underwent tubal ligation.. :D

  3. masyadong sensitive at masalimuot ang issue about RH Bill :)


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