Wednesday, 24 July 2013

First Glimpse of the #Royal Trio

 photo 20130723_191457_zpsd052bdbd.jpg

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 photo 20130723_191548_zps083029a9.jpg

 photo 20130723_191955_zps538a420a.jpg

 photo 20130723_191958_zpsbfa8b076.jpg

Believe me. I have been glued to this recent event. This is my professed happiness knowing that the royal baby's birth date is the same as mine. I am so overjoyed and honored in my own little way that we have this particular similarity with the Prince of Cambridge (hehehe). And since my brother is working in UK, I asked him if he has taken photos of the most awaited appearance of these three. And to my delight, I asked for some photos for me to blog it.

The Royal couple dressed in blue hue is a picture of a happy and beautiful family now. As I chatted with my brother, he said the baby wears a frowning face maybe because of the flashes that came from the cameras and because everybody is in frenzy and noisy when they came out. Such a lovely family.

Next, I will be awaiting for the baby's name. Hmmmm.... Can you guess?

Footnote: Around 3 years ago, I received an email offering me a job on this particular hospital. I didn't mind it since a lot of scam is circulating around the internet and thought it's a joke. If ever I did accept it, and if the job offer was indeed true, maybe I got to see first hand the royal family on my birthday. Wow! heavens... #wishfulthinking


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