Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It's a Baby Boy for William and Kate

Wow! This is a good news to start my day right. Although I am not feeling well. I have a little chills today coupled with a stomach-trouble (this word is much better than to say LBM, eeiww!!). I don't know why it struck me. Anyhow, I'm praying that I'll be better since hubby is away for 4 days to attend a seminar out-of-town. Well back to the real point of my blog today. I was off for work yesterday to celebrate my life's milestone. I turned 34 and it feels great celebrating it with my family and parents in both sides. It was just a simple feast. Then at night when I heard the news on TV, I was ecstatic to note that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate finally gave birth to their (Prince William) first born baby boy which happens to fall on my birthdate, July 22. What a coincidence!

I opened Yahoo news this morning and read this details. I am very excited to see the royal baby. He was brought to this world at around 4:24pm on a Monday, July 22, 2013 at St. Mary's Hospital, West London. It is said that Prince William was also born on that same hospital in 1982. Well-wishers flocked the hospital and the Queen of London's residence, Buckingham Palace, respectively. I wonder if it will be declared as a National Holiday too.  There are two incidents that me feel as if I have a relation to these royal people. One is on April 29, 2011, where the couple get married. It was also the time where my first -born daughter Mariella was dedicated to our Lord Almighty. We didn't even know that they will wed on that same date prior to the day itself. And the second instance is just yesterday, my birthday and the birth of the royal baby boy to which the name is not yet disclosed.

Well, together we will wait for the royal couple to introduce their baby boy to the whole world. Let's keep ourselves updated and hooked to that, alright?


  1. belated happy birthday gurl..

  2. Belated happy birthday Donna! :) And yup, I'm keeping tabs on the Royal Baby too!

    1. Wow! Ms. Toni you visited my blog. It's a privilege. Thank you for the greetings! I heard in the news today that the royal trio will come out right in the main entrance of St. Mary's Hospital. I can't wait to see it.


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