Thursday, 18 July 2013

Barely There

I remember such phrase from a TV ad of a feminine hygiene commercial. It's barely there. You can't see it in your naked eye but it helped a BIG lot. A few days from now, I'll be turning a year older. I will celebrate it with gratitude in my heart. Gone were the days when in my younger years, I am excited for big celebrations, a big feast on the table and bountiful gifts among others. Those material and physical things are happiness. But as time goes by, those big things that excites me aren't a big deal anymore. I mean presents are well appreciated of course especially if it's given with thought and sincerity. What I mean is with or without it, doesn't matter as long as I have my life's treasures with me. Am I maturing? I guess so. Those I thought were just small things and the things that I just took for granted before are what matters most now. Good health, work for sustenance, family, loved ones, peace of mind, love, happiness and everything that our naked eyes couldn't see but the heart, mind and soul could fathom and feel are some of life's simple pleasures that makes us contented, satisfied, peaceful and happy. And that makes us complete and accomplished through time. Though sometimes material things perks up our life, but only for a temporary being. Nothing beats with what the heart, mind and soul could offer. I wish of these things and even if I get older of age, these will remain and present in me.

Great things comes in small packages.

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