Wednesday, 10 July 2013

At the End of the Day...

First day of the week. Monday seems to be the not so liked day for most working people and students. But thinking about it, it shouldn't be. Why? Because before this day, there is Saturday and Sunday where we are recharged after yet a long weekday. Personally, I dislike Monday because it is dragging for me. I want to spend more time with my kids, traffic on the way to and from office seems chaotic and everybody is rushing. I hate it. But I need to be up early because my husband needs to be at his office before 8am strikes. Well, I don't want to sound too negative and discouraging. But this is just my opinion. On a positive note, I am still glad that I belong to the working force, pushing my butts out to earn for a living and sustain everyday. A blessing that indicates a fit mind and body to perform my role as a mother, a wife and as an individual.

Here below are some snap shots I got on our way home last Monday. I was feeling pity of the little girl on the school bus. She is indeed very tired from school and I was looking at her for long since our car is side by side the school bus. She kept on falling her head because she slept literally. I actually want to sit beside her and rest her head on my shoulder. And the other photo shows an adult sleeping too. I would presume she's a mother working to help in meeting the needs of her family. Children are not spared too with the demands of their studies.

 photo IMG_20130705_174347_zpsae6ec085.jpg

 photo IMG_20130705_174641_zps68dc712b.jpg

Two years from now, as my eldest daughter will enter school, I wonder how schooling is for her. Even if at the end of the day she feels tired, I hope her enthusiasm in going to school will never seize. That her eagerness in going to school and learn new things will make her excited everyday. And as for me, even if I am tired juggling from home to work and vise-versa, I hope that my drive and motivation to work will never fade all for my family. I work for my family and because I need to be of purpose and productive not only for my growth but for the people I value most.


  1. I hate Monday because of the traffic.

    They look very tired. Maybe, its a long day for them. :)

    1. Yah! not only a long day but a long week ahead...

  2. Sigh.. hay buhay :) But as always, fight fight lang.. I suddenly remember that local commercial "para kanino ka gumigising?" ;)

    1. Agree ako dyan... life goes on and still be thankful for the gift of life...

      O nga noh? I remembered that line from the commercial too... It makes me stop and think for a while... gumigising ako para sa mga tao na mahal ko at mahal ako... ;)))

  3. It is fulfilling to be a mom in the workforce but sometimes, I want to stay home all day and personally look after my daughter, but that we cant afford. Me and hubby both need to work! Hays, dilemma of moms.Anyways, It was nice reading your post and finding your blog. Thank you for dropping by Woman Scribbles too. Cheers for mothers:)


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