Friday, 5 July 2013

In Search for the Right Internet Service Provider? A True Story...

Since I am into blogging, I am very much needing an internet connection at our home. But somehow, I thought, having one in our house, I cannot use it anytime I like and even if I want to because having two kids around make it difficult for me to experience it and to blog in my own time. In short, malulugi ako. So I just settled making use it during my office break and sometimes during office hours if I am not busy and all my task are done. And it's free. I know it's not proper but I make sure I blog after I'm free with paper works and all the things that needs to be done are done. So when I encountered my office mate Maria's blog about her traumatic experience when getting an internet service provider, you may think otherwise on this. Read on...

mayfleursays...: My Sad Experience with Smart Wi-Max 499

In fairness to other internet service providers, I would say that before getting one make sure that you have gotten the right information if their service is really okay and of quality so that in the end you will be hassle-free and stress-free.


  1. i agree with you ninang was charged with bills that she didn't enjoy...actually even how she complained about her first try still they insist that it will work in the coming days and its been months already disgusting

  2. My IP is always a subject of my rant!!!

  3. The problem with some ISP providers, we have to suffer the worst before they address the problem :(


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