Thursday, 11 July 2013

Baby Bo...

I received a call from my sister just after lunch break. She told me an unexpected news about our dog, Bo. It is the first time that I ever received a call that stunned me and from our pet dog. It is an unusual one. I wanna post a photo for a #Throwback today but I don't have with me a photo of which we consider as our youngest in the family. Bo, is our pet dog. His breed is a Lhasa Apso-slash-terrier.

 photo Lhasa_zpsc0191505.jpg
Photo source here. This is a Lhasa Apso breed.
His face is somewhat similar to the little doogie on the photo.

If I remembered it right, he came into our abode way back 2006. He is really a darling and he brought instant happiness to our family. We took care of him like our little baby. Proper food, vitamins and every thing are given to him. Fast forward to today. My sister reported that since Monday, he had no intake already. What ever he eats or drinks, he vomits it out. My mother and father don't have enough sleep because they worry so much of Bo and they monitored him. Good thing that my sister knew it and she immediately told my parents to have him admitted to a veterinary clinic so that proper medications must be given. It was also a blessing in disguise because we knew that the person we thought as to be a Veterinarian in our village is not a certified or licensed one. So my sister just quite of told my parents its better to go to a trusted one and pay a little higher than to settle for a cheaper one and more damage will happen. Right now, our little Bo is admitted in the Veterinarian clinic. It's better that way so that he can be monitored properly and the right medication is given. I don't know what my little brothers' reaction to this. He is in London and I'm sure he will be worried too. He is the most closest to Bo because my brother is an animal lover. I hope that Bo will get better soon. I pray, in Jesus name, AMEN.

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