Monday, 29 July 2013

Have a Peaceful Rest, Dearest Baby Bo!

He is the youngest member of our family. His name is Bo. He's born on April 14, 2006 to a Lhasa Apso and Japanese Spitz or Shih Tzu (I'm not really sure which of the two breeds) parents. He was given to us by my mother's co-worker. When he was brought home, I remembered vividly, his bark almost delighted me when I reached home. There was excitement seeing him in an instant. We gathered around him and played with him because he was days old when we had him. He is really cute like a stuff toy. My brother who is an animal lover is the one who really is hands on with him. Taking care of his food and his needs. Our lives has never been the same when Bo came. He is pure joy and happiness combined.

 photo Bo_zps4c6d16c7.jpg
My brother took this photo. He was sitting on my brother's bed.

For my brother's love of Bo, he even made a Facebook homepage for him.

 photo IMG_20130729_090847_zps87e13180.jpg

The veterinarian ruled out that Bo has a kidney problem showing yellowish discharges when he throws up. My father who told us that everytime Bo eats and drinks, he spills it out. We thought there might be something that stuck in his throat or he ate something that makes him vomit. After 3 days of that, after not eating or drinking for that span of days, my sister told my mother to have him send in the Veterinary clinic for our peace of mind and Bo's condition to be better. I say that because my parents didn't sleep well because they kept in observing Bo day in and out. Bo is like my parents baby since we all got married. So they were very worried when Bo got sick.

The veterinarian shared also to my parents that eating human food is not good at all for animals. Human food or our food has a lot of preservatives (salty, sweet) that don't help in giving nutrients for the animals. Dog food is designed to give the proper nutrition that animals need that cannot be found in our food. So that was an eye-opener for us. We don't know that being first time to take care of a dog with breed.

 photo IMG_20130729_091006_zps07a4c1b2.jpg

 photo IMG_20130729_090955_zpsb451d580.jpg

My brother is very worried when he knew about Bo's sickness and even Bo's friends in the Facebook. An outpour of well-wishes for him.

Bo passed away yesterday in the occasion of our scheduled monthly family gathering. It was my first time to see him after he was confined in a Veterinary clinic for almost a week. Then sent home to recuperate. He bid goodbye a couple of minutes after we arrive. He might have waited for us to be complete and the children around. It was heartbreaking! Good thing the night before yesterday, my brother was able to see Bo, talk to him and took pictures of him via Skype. Bo cannot walk anymore or bark. He cannot even move and just lie on the floor. He responded when he saw and heard my brother's voice and face in the monitor screen. Maybe that was Bo's time that he was able to see us all including my brother the night before.

 photo IMG_20130729_090129_zpsf76532aa.jpg

 photo IMG_20130729_090724_zps19daf96f.jpg

For 7 wonderful years, he gave joy in our family. It was an ordeal worthy of you. Thank you Bo! We love you. You made us cry of your passing. We grieve of your loss. But we know you're pain-free now. It's time for you to take a good rest forever.


  1. I feel for you too girl when you were at the same situation as mine.. Sakit dyud d ai even if they're animals,,,hehehe... they're sincere and genuine unlike humans...

  2. i choked myself tryna fight off tears, Donna. Im so sorry for your loss and i feel terrible you had to start off the week with this deep kind of sadness.

    i love animals especially dogs and i recently started to chronicle my adventures with my dog, Maxx, on this blog called, Pitbullera. He turned six recently and i cant imagine losing him next year! RIP Baby Bo, you will be missed.

    1. Thanks Argie! I'm not an animal lover nor I hated them. We became so attached to our Baby Bo because we saw how my younger brother loves her animals. We reciprocate that love because in reality Bo is such an adorable, thoughtful and loving dog. Who wouldn't fall for that.


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