Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Auntie Anne's in Davao City

Yesterday, I was able to visit SM City Davao in Ecoland. Well, to my surprise I saw this...

 photo IMG_20130723_182753_zps39858d00.jpg

OMGeez! Auntie Anne's you're coming! I can't wait for you to open. I had experienced and tasted their world renowned pretzel first hand for the first time more than a decade ago in Manila. Imagine, what took you so long to arrive here in Davao City. My favorite here is their Cinnamon flavored-coated pretzel. Actually I really love everything Cinnamon because of it's aroma and of course the taste it brings to the food or drinks. Sometimes, I do put Cinnamon powder on top of my coffee drink. And that makes a kick of aroma and smell to my cup of coffee knowing the coffee addict I am. I use the McCormick Cinnamon powder by the way.

Well, I'm waiting for it's opening and that would be soon. I can't wait to grab a bite of their pretzel. Another food chain that I know will get a long queue. 

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  1. YAY! I love their pretzels too! Well, I think everyone does. t's been a while since I had anything from Auntie Anne's. I should pay them visit next time I go to the mall!


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