Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rejoice and I'm thankful: Nanny hired!

This is my month. July it is. I had a prayer and only one wish for my birthday which I blogged yesterday. It was a spur of the moment wish and silently prayed with all my heart. That I will found a right nanny to my 9 month old kid. Then when I reached home, my mother break the 'good news' to me that my father found a prospective nanny. It's not only a potential one but they will be arriving today from the province. So it's for real.  Thank God for an answered prayer!

My father called me today and positively relayed the 'good' news. The nanny is already at my parental's house. I will be seeing her later. I have mixed emotions to the new nanny. I am glad that the wait is over but then quite anxious if she will really stay or will she pass the 'position'. Taking care of an infant or toddler needs a lot of patience, sympathy, understanding, love and passion. One should have tender, loving care personality. I am no strict of rules and regulations. Because she will be dealing on my baby, I expect her to have personal aesthetics and hygiene and I am very particular of that. In the long run, she must have a system already and knows time management. She knows how to pacify my baby's moods and to have a personal relationship with my kids. This is very important to me since she will be dealing with my baby most of the time while I am at work. She knows how to forsee the things that needs to be done and not just wait for my instructions especially the routine works. It is very tiring to repeat things over and over again as if I'm talking to a wall. I am a person also that even if I have a nanny, I don't relay so much to them. Lest, I extend my hands to do the things for my kids. Honestly, it's too tiring to have 2 kids around, that's why I really help them in the morning and at night with the chores not yet done. I bathe the 2 of them everyday, I prepare their food in the morning, I arrange by myself their ironed clothes, I play with them and spend time with them as much as possible even after my day's job. Sometimes, if I can, I launder their clothes and sterilize their feeding bottles. Oh well! Let's see...

It is too early to tell. Oh yes, we found and hired a nanny but to say if she's the one is a different story to tell. I am crossing my finger!

Last note: My sister called me a while ago and reported that she found also a potential nanny. When it rains, it pours. Thank God for the blessings!


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