Friday, 26 July 2013

What's Sale-ing at Taste Central

Th only downside I could think of of this "heavenly" online store, Taste Central, is it only caters and delivers customers from Manila area. How could you!? What about us living in other parts of the country? Actually, to my dismay, I emailed them. They said they're working on it and can only cater around Metro Manila only for the meantime. Well, at least they're working on it. It's still better than never ever considered it (hehehe). I can only just wish for now and make my list to name a few:

 photo p225x225_zps99569471.jpg  photo p225x2251_zpsd0f3b9d8.jpg
 photo p225x2258_zps4d6112e1.jpg  photo p225x2252_zps12cd4895.jpg  photo p225x22512_zps5017ad40.jpg  photo p225x2253_zps274f6218.jpg  photo p225x22513_zpsb458cbc2.jpg  photo p225x22511_zpsf6ad1cc9.jpg  photo p225x2256_zps8ba120c4.jpg  photo p225x2259_zpsa8f50caa.jpg  photo p225x22510_zps020db905.jpg  photo p225x2257_zps217d8c59.jpg  photo p225x2254_zpsee582106.jpg  photo p225x2255_zps8f6804b9.jpg

Left side (from Top to bottom): Sparkly Cross Bracelet from Vain Accessories (Priced at P1,200.00, discounted at P720.00); Roxy Must-Have Wrist Candy (Priced at P2,999.00, now at P1,465.00); Shu Uemura Perfect Poreless Set (Priced at P2,500.00, now at P750.00); Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair Oil (Priced at P1,750.00, now at P1,400.00); Beansprout Walk Together Shoe bags -Set of 6 (Priced at P600.00, down to P500.00); Butter Twists Satin Sylvia Ballerinas (Priced at P999.00, now P350.00); Michael Antonio Glitter Riordan Heels (Priced at P2,999.00, now at P1,500.00)

Right side (from Top to Bottom): Studded Cross Metal Bangle from Vain Accessories (Priced at P1,000.00, now at P600.00); Shu Uemura Skin Radiance Set (Priced at P2,500.00, now at P750.00); Made by David Organics Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Set (Priced at P514.00, now at P412.00); Moroccan Argan Oil Gentle Soap (Priced at P350.00, now at P315.00); Butter Twists Victoria Fold-Up Ballerinas (Priced at P1,299.00, now at P650.00); Michael Antonio Thorpe Ankle Strap Platforms (Priced at P3,400.00, now at P1,700.00); Michael Antonio Glittery Red Kashmir Heels (Priced at P2,799.00, now at P1,400.00)

Now, and who wouldn't freak out? These are amazing mark downs knowing that the products are of high quality with real discounts. I still have a lot on my wish list but it would be unfair for those who will read this post of mine if I'll put here everything. It will be mind drooling. I'm starting to have a headache because of envy (aarrgghh!). By the way, they not only offer things for women. They are a lifestyle shop. Sigh! I wish a genie will appear and make me have my 3 wishes come true. First in line, that they could deliver nationwide. Second and the last one, is that I will have lots of money to purchase everything on my wish list. I believe in miracles.

Okay, I know you have also your own personal choices, so feast your eyes and minds on their on going sale here. They have new products available every Sunday, so better check out and be the first. But wait, in order to avail of their line of products, you have to become a member. Don't worry, it's for free!


  1. Hmn... I haven't tried this store...

    1. You should visit Ate Balut.. You won't regret


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