Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nique's First Set of Tooth, Peeked!

I'm happy to note that my baby of 10 months got her first set of tooth as shown on the photo. I thought it will take a while for her tooth to erupt. Though I saw already her gums are swelling and she's salivating more. She's putting things on her mouth and thumb-sucking to the fullest. I really do not want her to do that habit because it will deform the alignment of her teeth same with my eldest of 2 years. Though some pediatricians say it's okay or let them do it because it's their comfort zone and they feel relaxed and comforted doing it. Anyway, it's still their milk teeth. I can manage to make it beautifully aligned when their permanent teeth starts to grow. A little massage of her gums here and there, regularly and religiously, is all it takes. Oh! Another milestone for my Baby Nique. Love you, Banik-nik!

 photo IMG_20130731_062831_zps3a285a78.jpg


  1. motherly concerns's normal

  2. Lumalaki na kasi baby mo kasi magkaka-ngipin na :D


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