Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Apple of my Eye turned 3

Now that you're officially 3 years old anak, I thank God for giving us the privilege to be your family. Your papa and me, your mama, alongside baby Nique will always be here for you and we'll always be together until God knows when.

 photo IMG_20140210_205303_zps93c239e2.jpg
Thank you Mariella for always the light whenever everything else seems gloomy
and for cheering up the whole place in our house.

 photo IMG_20140217_095254_zps4b3407d3.jpg
Thank you Mariella for genuinely loving us in your simple yet most heartfelt gestures.
We are so proud as your parents whenever everybody cuddles and praises
how lovable and adorable you are.

 photo IMG_20140216_133634_zps0d7b4dee.jpg
Thank you little one for charming us with your talent such as dancing, singing
and you've got an inch of a mow-del my dear. Ma-ibenta nga kita, hihihi!

 photo IMG_20140216_132829_zps82081d5b.jpg
I pray to God that as time pass by, when you have your own life to choose,
I still wish that papa and mama can borrow a little time from you
to have a moment such as this...

 photo IMG_20131027_180923_zpsa3816b5d.jpg
And when your papa and mama is not around anymore, I pray and wish
that you and your baby sister Nique will be there for each other,
loving and supporting each other. Take care of each other and you have to be
a good older sister to Nique, ha?

 photo IMG_4651852269971_zpsad49c6cc.jpeg
With all the abundance around you, may you use it wisely and selflessly.

 photo IMG_4712021886359_zpsbbb8e08a.jpeg
Soon you will learn to dream, aspire and wish on your own,
may you always call on to God for everything your heart desires and not.

 photo IMG_4695531721435_zpsa0526499.jpeg
And for every dream, aspirations and wishes you have in your life,
I wish and pray for it as well. Blowing candles every year on your birthday means
giving up everything to God your life each year may bring.

 photo IMG_4869144499675_zps26c56a09.jpeg
Happy birthday again anak!
You don't know how grateful we are your parents to have you as our child.
We are lucky that God bless you with good health, mind and body,
loving family and friends and most of all a cheerful persona that bursts with energy
day by day.


  1. grannies like me are very proud to have you as our sweet pretty apo. praying and hoping you will grow up as a responsible anak to your mama and papa, and protective sister to Nikki, loving all of them the way God wants you to do. Mariella, i love you so much, thank you for making us happy, enjoying sweet moments while with you. may the Lord God grant you the best of health always, with Mama Mary's loving care for you as well.

  2. Thank you abuelo for loving me, baby NIque and danna more than your real children- that's mama, tita dimple and Tito ROM.... Love, Mariella... Thank you for always bringing pasalubong of choco crunch and oreos every time you visit us at home

  3. Happy Birthday! She is so adorable!

  4. happy birthday to your pretty girl

  5. Your daughter is so pretty! Belated happy birthday to her. My son is a February baby too :)


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