Friday, 19 July 2013

The Epic that is... #Instagram!

I joined in the bandwagon! The essence of hash tags is goodness crazy! And because I am such a lame and slow social media follower, I thought of following the hype too. I was curious before on why using hash tags or simply the number "#" symbol. I read somewhere that putting hashtags on the word or attaching it to the word helps in locating your link easily and instantly. Now, if you're blogging and introducing your site anew, use hash tags.

 photo IMG_20130719_103310_zpsf5499e9f.jpg
#cutie #suctionmat #cellphone
I tried on #instagramming this cute suction mat for cellphone given to me by my ever thoughtful and sincere friend. Actually, it can be used as a cup mat or pot mat. It's a good use for any object so that it wouldn't skid. When I shot this using #instagram app on my cellphone, I was amazed that I can beautify its shot using different styles. I chose this type of shot style to inject old, rusty and memorable feel. Like it? Hype your style using #instagram now. Have a fun weekend ahead! #Birthdays senti mode now. A few days more...


  1. Haha welcome to Instagram! What's your username? :-)

    1. Hi Maan!

      Oo. Finally I was able to try it. Kahiya nga. Late bloomer! It's cheekee0722


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