Saturday, 10 March 2012

Remembering my Lola Juaning

March 9 marks the 3rd death anniversary of my dearest "lola" (a Filipino term which means grandmother). Lola "Juans" as she is fondly called by us is ever lively and loves being in the crowd. Every time there is a family outing or just going in the downtown area, she is always prepared and as if she'll bring the whole house. She has lots of plastics inside her bag and her bag is very heavy. She brings two bags with her all the time. I remember my Lola to always have a candy "White Rabbit" in her bag. And when we where still kids, we would rummage her bag for it. I also remember her as being close to her "Apo's" ( a Filipino term meaning grandchildren). She loves it when every weekend we gather together in their house with my other cousins. I have 16 cousins and we have a very close age gap. So imagine when we where still kids, we are the life in the crowd. My lola loves kids and she is happy just to be around with us. She also has a vivid and clear sense of hearing. My Lola has a sharp hearing sense. Even if we talked in almost a whispering voice, she just hear it! Whoa! What a talent she has.

I missed her during my wedding in 2010 because when my sister and 2 cousins got married in 2008, my Lola is still alive. Her presence was never there. But I know she was there and is happy looking from above. Now that she's not with us anymore, she still has a strong presence in us. And that because, she and my "Lolo" (a Filipino term which means grandfather) who is now 92 years old and is very much active and still manages in taking care his ducks and chickens in his backyard, lives just at the back of my parents' house. Twice a month since her death, we and my relatives visits her in the memorial park. Bad thing that when I got married and have a child, I occasionally come to visit her for how many months now...(guilty mode!).

Lola Juans, you'll always be a part of us. I know you're looking at us and every time my Baby Mariella is smiling at nobody, I know that you are playing with her and protecting her all the time. I love you, Lola! (teary-eyed mode;)

(to post a picture of her soon in my tribute to my dearest Lola Juaning)

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