Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dating and Courtship

I ended up blogging this because my daughter's nanny has this assignment about dating and courtship which I will be researching for her. I wonder what is their lesson all about and the subject relating to this matter? Anyway, as I was about to think of something to blog about, I quite of suddenly reminisce my personal experience on this. You see I'm a late bloomer into this subject matter. I entertain courtship after I finished schooling. That is right after college. This is quite late for my generation. Because I have this notion that I will be having a boyfriend right after I graduated. And that I standby until I finished with flying colors. But when I was still in school there are also suitors who would woo me (gave love letters, flowers --there are no cellphones at that time). But I never gave in to their affections even if there were prospective applicants (wink,wink!). Anyway, during these courtship, I enjoy also the attention they've given me. It is indeed flattering that an opposite sex likened my beauty and appreciates my being me. In this stage, it gives me an inspiration also to take care of myself specifically my physical looks. Although the most important thing is what lies in one's being, one's personality.

My first dating experience is with my husband some ten years ago. He is my first and last boyfriend. But during my first date, we never dined just the two of us. We have a chaperon. She was the one who introduced us. Anyway, it was awkward since I'm not used to dating with an opposite sex. But the dinner went just fine.

Dating and courtship is fun and exciting since you've got to know well each other. It's also a way of knowing the opposite sex. As the saying goes, "Women are from Venus and men are from Mars."

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