Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Davao City: Most Livable

Home is where my heart is. You see, I tried to be away in my native country for almost a year and I did miss everything. That is why I came back for good. The things that became so important to me when I was in Singapore was the not so big things that I didn't mind so much when I was still here in Davao. Little things like 'ginanggang' (grilled banana), sardines, 'bagoong' (salted fish drench in a mixture of salt, somewhat like that), 'champorado' (rice cooked with too much water and mixed with cocoa and sugar), 'bulad' (dried, salted fish), locally made junk foods (chippy and my all-time favorite, Clover chips). I never regretted coming back since because Davao today signals development. There are many malls and establishments not to mention infrastructure projects are ongoing even in the minor roads of the City, that are visible. Many tourists and even locals are enjoying the sights and places here in the City. A lot of hotels and condominiums are also built that made these backpackers come to Davao for more. Abreeza Mall (owners of Ayala Malls in Manila), SM Lanang, Savemore (SM) in Bangkal, the expansion of SM in Ecoland are some of the malls sprouting here. Boutique hotels are just everywhere so no need to worry where to sleep in Davao because we have a lot here. Soon to open Radisson Hotel in Lanang, a 5-star hotel and SMEX are in the same vicinity located in Lanang. Not only that, a lot of subdivisions are developed due to the ever growing population and migration of people. People who choose to come and live here will agree with me that this place is the cheapest. Seafoods, fruits are abundant here. That is why every March 16 (Araw Ng Dabaw) and every 3rd week of August (Kadayawan) we here celebrate the abundance of everything that Davao has. And to showcase to our fellow Filipinos and foreigners alike fruits are sold in every street and corner of the City. These are the best season to enjoy the cheapest fruits and everything!

Davao is no other place I want to be in. Unlike other urban cities, I feel like I'm enclosed in a small place because of the never ending development which causes pollution of all sorts. At least in Davao, if you don't want the hustle and bustle of the city, you can hie away in the beach (Samal Island) and in the South part where mountains are relaxing in just minutes away.

I feel blessed to be born and live here!! I HEART DAVAO CITY!!

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