Monday, 12 March 2012

Picnic weekend

Seriously, it will be my first picnic event ever! I am excited because this weekend will be a long weekend for Davao City residents. This Friday, March 16, marks our 75th "Araw Ng Dabaw" celebration. The city will be festive and a lot of activities are in-stored for locals and visitors alike.

Anyway, some of my office-mates are planning for a picnic activity in their new house since they are newly weds. I am sure this will be exciting because for me picnics are being one with the environment, staying under the sun and sharing food and exchanging stories with your companions. There is nothing more exciting that being with the company of friends. Since we are planning to have potluck,  I am thinking of what food to bring. It will be a mid afternoon party and I want a food to bring that fits the event. What do you think will I bring? Please help me made up my mind.

Have a Blessed week ahead!


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