Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dating and Courtship (Part 2)

As in my previous post entitled "Dating and Courtship," I am making a continuation of that story. So here it is: When I already found a plot about courtship, I browse to the story itself. It's quite interesting and heartwarming since I again remember the "heart-melting" moments when I was on that stage. Their story was, I would say, a match made in heaven. It's because both prayed for their right partners from the very start of their lives. As in when they we're still babies! Of course their parents started praying for the right partners of their children when they were still babies. Parents also has a major role in finding our right partners. Not to meddle but just to guide their children. This is the proper love story to be followed to individuals who are still searching for their right partners and couples who are about to take their relationship into the next stage which is marriage.

Click below for the whole story. I didn't help but share this story with you because I know it will melt your heart. 'Cause it did in me. Hope you will enjoy!

by Jennie Ethell Chancey 

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