Thursday, 8 March 2012

Facebook vs. Blogger

For many years now, computer addicts have been glued to their monitors because of the so-called Facebook. But before that, there is Friendster. I don't know if it's still existing but what I know is that these websites help track long lost friends and acquaintances. It's a good thing that these websites have been made to solve lost communication and now it has been used to market business opportunities. It's nice to see old friends in their present lives and to keep in touch with them through the photos loaded in their respective accounts. I am not against these sites but the thing is that it became abused by many. In the workplace, it creates inefficiency and unproductiveness to a worker.

Now I discovered a more productive and inspiring way of creating journal and meeting new friends online by way of Blogger. It not only keep in touch with friends or meet new ones, you can actually be paid online! It's a good tool too in practicing one's writing skills and a venue to just be yourself.

I love both sites because it's a leeway to keep in touch, communicate and be oneself.

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  1. I am a Facebook addict. one of the first sites that i open when my lappy is turned on! anyways, i just don't linger in facebook, i get opportunities to earn too in the groups that i belong. one way or another, it is still helpful. thanks for dropping by my blog.


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