Tuesday, 1 October 2013

On SP: The 10 Best TV Shows for Kids

As I was browsing the internet this morning, I came across Smart Parenting (SP) Philippines website. My attention was brought to their article on what are the 10 best TV shows that our kids can watch which are educational and entertaining at the same time. Nowadays, television are bombarded with all kinds of shows and ads that should be guarded with adult accordingly especially that kids like mine are left alone with nannies during the day while we are at work. I know I cannot screen their TV viewing habits and what to watch unless we have CCTV's in our home. For now, I know they are watching It's Showtime and Analisa (both shows are from ABS-CBN) since I ask my daughter what is she watching. She says, "lisa" (She's referring to the prime time show, Analisa). I only pray that my kids won't grow heinous, cruel and rude citizens of the Philippines.

Now to highlight, here are the 10 best shows recommended for our children. Sadly, we don't have cable connection at home since the shows are seen in Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. What I did is I downloaded few episodes in the internet and let them see it over and over again because they really enjoy it especially Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

1.) First on the spot is my two daughter's favorite, Dora the Explorer seen in Nick Jr. For some who haven't read my post about it (view it here), my daughter is very much fond of Dora and her BFF Boots the Monkey. I love it actually because it does not only teach English, Math or the good deeds it portrays. But it also introduces foreign language, like Spanish, to toddlers. I'm actually learning too!

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2) Hi-5 on Disney Jr. 
3) Handy Manny on Disney Jr.
4) Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr. 
5) Yo Gabba Gabba! on Nick Jr.
6) Ni Hao Kai-lan on Nick Jr. 
7) Little Einsteins on Disney Jr.
8) Word World on Disney Jr.
9) Higglytown Heroes on Disney Jr.
10) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. I love this show too mainly because they are in group and it shows socialization. I love their songs and makes me a giddy child.

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I wonder why Peppa Pig and Backyardigans were not included. Anyway, some shows I heard only for the first time. At least I know these are safe for my children. It was also emphasized that even if they are educational in materials, TV viewing must be limited too. It is recommended, and as to my own experience, playing outdoors, physical activities and social interaction are viable in learning. There is no better teacher than experience. Too much exposure to television also could promote idleness, laziness and boredom. While being outside, learning the real life experiences is more fun and real. There is more to real life than watching fictitious shows. These shows just aid more educational message for growth and development.

How about you? What are other TV shows for kids do you recommend? 


  1. Since we also don't have cable, I let my kid watch shows on Youtube instead. hehe. In fact he already knows how to operate Youtube and he's just 2. Dora and Umizoomi are some that he enjoys plus a couple of nursery rhymes :)

    REAlity Bites

  2. My daughter loves Doc McStuffins, Phineas and Ferb, Hi-5 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh, and Sofia the First. :) Haha, all Disney.

  3. Glad to see several cartoons on the Disney Channel here! I don't allow my toddler to watch any other cartoon channel other than Disney Jr. His favorite is Hi-5.


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