Monday, 30 September 2013

My Kid is Learning Fast

Just this morning, my 2-year old daughter joined us for breakfast. Right after our meal, she did a remarkable and unexpected move. Just recently, she already know how to put her plate and utensils in the washing area after finishing her food. I never remembered we ever taught her. Or told her to do so. Perhaps, she was just observing us on how we practice doing it. But this morning was kinda unbelievable and for me as a mother, my heart was clapping with joy and a sense of achievement dawned on me. After I finished my food, I stood up to get something. She was not yet done with her food so I was expecting she will just sit there and wait for me to return in my seat to join her until she's finished. But, she went down on her chair, and said "Mama". I looked at her way and she went to my place, get my empty plate and put it in the washing lavatory. Maybe she was telling me, Mama you forgot your plate huh? I was stunned for a while and all I can say is, "Thank you anak. You are doing well". I don't know if she ever understood what I told her. But she smiled back at me anyway.

How about you? What is the best thing your little kid has done so far? 


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