Friday, 11 October 2013

Jollibee/Jollitown/Hello Kitty themed Birthday: Party Kids Giveaways

As promised, I'd be sharing to you the party kids giveaways during my daughter's first birthday celebration. I love the Hello Kitty giveaways of Jollibee that's why I never thought of getting other than this. It's very cute and the quality of the items seem to be a good one. Even myself, I find it using them. How much more for the little girls who find Hello Kitty such a cute dainty kitten. The party hats I also included because I find it very nice too. #childhoodmemories 

 photo IMG_20131008_212618_zps06f593a1.jpg

For the little boys, I chose their batman giveaways. It includes a pencil case with crayons, pencil and eraser inside. Then there's also an ID together with a sling. I find this very useful too.

 photo IMG_20131008_212441_zpsd5637f96.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_051532_zps82b3a895.jpg

I'm very happy with the giveaways that Jollibee has in store for party giveaways. It's very affordable too especially if you'll be getting their birthday package. Link to their online party booking here. #jollibeeparty #bidaangsaya


  1. wow, these are cute give aways

    1. oo cute talaga! can't get over Jollibee themed party na

  2. Cute giveaways! I also love Hello Kitty and I'm drooling over those cutesies! Haha! :p :)


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