Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Earn $300

I've got invited by my blogger friend on the link below:

After registering, I earned about $25. Right now as I checked on my account, I got $35. It amazed me because I never did anything for that span of time from the time I registered. I found out about my blogger friend in which she blogged about it here, that she earned big bucks already. Very convincing right? Unlike me, I tried to click on the survey and it lead me to a link of mobile application on games and others. It was where it lead me when I clicked on what area specifically I wanna take the survey. I tried to key in my phone number as what it asked (I never mind keying in my phone number because it's just a prepaid line. Does that make any sense? Or I should be careful too?). For a matter of seconds I got a message from my mobile phone containing a code to verify in which I key in back in their webpage. And then it says that I have successfully completed the process. After which, I tried to visit again the site and it earned me $10 more. Fascinating huh!

Like what my blogger friend said, well let's see what will happen. If you are curious about what I'm saying which led me also to visit the site, click on the link above underlined in green font. Let me hear your experience too or your views about it. #easymoney #blogging


  1. Sounds interesting. Although I've tried a lot of these to no avail, none made me earn $10/survey.

  2. Really, a $25 after you register? This sounds interesting. I'm thinking of trying it, too.


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