Friday, 4 October 2013

Feeling Blessed, Amazed and Overwhelmed: Birthday Bash a Success

Finally, it is over and it was one blast of a party! For just a short time, we were able to pull off and more, my daughter's first birthday celebration. I am very happy of the outcome though some that were planned and thought about were not materialized because of unexpected circumstances that we lacked enough time. But still, I am glad because not only the kids enjoyed, but even the young at heart. My decision to DIY the decors is a huge success and almost everybody loved what we did. I am very lucky to have a mother who is supportive of my wanting to DIY the theme and decors for the event. My mom is hats off, hands on meticulous to every detail and made such brilliant ideas on my planned layout. I am so happy with every detail that was presented. Until now, I feel that I'm still on cloud 9, still having the sting of that night's celebration. #1stbirthday #proudmama #feeling-elated 

I know I've been talking a lot and for sure you are frantically waiting for some photos. But since I'm the host, and I wasn't able to take shots of the events. I relied everything to my family and relatives who took their useful cameras and take shots as the event transpired. I requested them to send me raw copies of the photos for souvenir. Even me, I'm very excited to see real shots of the happy celebration.

Forewarn: The following photos are not my original ideas. They are inspirations and copy I got from my constant internet browsing from fellow mommy bloggers. I just made a little twist for a bit of uniqueness not exactly following the original.

The following photos are taken before the party itself. Me and some family members helped out as I make my DIY project come to reality. Kudos to you guys! They are excellent and they have full of brilliant ideas. #eventscoordination #DIYproject #familysupport

 photo IMG_20131003_135933_zps1dce1069.jpg
I decided to make it like this so as not to follow the usual making of tarpaulin with my child's face and birthday details on it. It is too common. What I did is I recycled the tarpaulin (which you can see through). It was from my first daughter's 1st birthday. I used the back part of it.

I didn't mind that the print at the back can be seen because it is an evening event. For sure, you won't see any shadow of the back part coming from the ray of light outside by night as the lights from within gives a certain effect on it. My inspiration for the tarpaulin is from the catalogue of 101gramsofeyecandy and for the flowers on the glass from Ms. Ging of fortyweeksandthensome. The masks I incorporated are extra supplies from my eldest first birthday. I didn't know it would make a great show.

 photo IMG_20131003_140008_zps6373a1bd.jpg
See that balls/pompoms from above? That came from an inspiration again from Ms. Ging of fortyweeksinthensome. She's very creative and I love her dainty pieces (Link here on how to do it).

 photo IMG_20131003_140000_zps3c0e8cfb.jpg
Okay. That jar on top of the tables are my mom's product of idea. She alternately put the name of my girl and then a slogan of 'It's a party' from the stock board. We bought the It's a Party cut out from National Bookstore. Cute noh! She filled the empty glass bottles of sardines with decorative stones. Good idea too so that the table covers won't run and fall. I don't know where she got the idea. So apologies if there are other who did the same thing. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

 photo IMG_20131003_135953_zps7b722cca.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_063452_zps68f59d6c.jpg
To date, I haven't started unwrapping my daughter's gifts. I'm excited actually to come home now for some cute surprises for my little one! *wink*

 photo IMG_20131004_063409_zpsc73eaead.jpg
These loots are from my aunt based in Canada. This is one timely event as many blessings are showered in time for my daughter's first birthday. I'm floored, humbled and #blessed.

I will be sharing to you a separate post of the real party. #feelingexcited #partyhangover #jollitowncrazy

I am very happy because I got a lot of compliments of the whole celebration. This won't happen if not for my husband, my family and God Almighty. They are my movers and shakers. They made this possible.

How about you? What's your creative birthday idea like? #partyideas

Check on my other blog, Craftifacts, for more design ideas I made for the birthday of my daughter's first. Click here.


  1. Congratulations for a successful party! You did well :) Happy 1st Birthday to baby Nique!

    1. Thank you! Thanks for dropping here...

  2. Congratulations on an awesome Party!

    1. Thank you Ms. Vel. It's an honor to get greetings coming from you.

  3. wow great job right there! belated happy bday to your little girl! :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. Thank you Rea for always gracing my space! nakakataba ng puso.. good vibes Monday indeed!

  4. awww... that's so cute! i like the ideas, so pink! congrats to you! :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. Like you Ms. Julie! Ms. Pink.. Thank you!


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