Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Prizes Revealed: Manila Baby Bags

In my post here, I joyously bragged about my loots as a giveaway winner from Ms. Jackie Go's blog anniversary. I was too excited to post it hence delaying the post of each items and posting it as a whole instead. But because I swear that each item deserves to be featured on its own, I'll start to introduce not only one but two wonderful and useful items not only for me but for my 2 kids. That's how generous Ms. Jackie is. She gave not only one but two Manila Baby bags! By the way the prizes I got were not only applicable for me but for my little ones as well.

 photo IMG_20131016_063726_zps2a6b6120.jpg
As early as now, I have a bag prepared for my almost 3 year old daughter for school.
I find this truly nice and I can put a name tag on its front outside.

 photo IMG_20131016_063911_zps52b2b9ae.jpg
Look how spacious it is inside. I think this one has still a price on the tag.
Definitely it is not cheap and I'm glad I know it has of good quality.

 photo IMG_20131016_063801_zps0aee7a19.jpg
I love that both sides have this compartment for their bottle of water or juice as baon.

 photo IMG_20131016_063938_zps7f2f096b.jpg
I'm happy that this bag can house a lot. It's expandable and it's roomy.
I really love the color. I can even use this because the design can be good for grown-ups too.

 photo IMG_20131016_063344_zps0935d3bd.jpg
This is another "body" bag I got. This is a backpack and the design is unique for a backpack.

 photo IMG_20131016_063522_zpse8d43a85.jpg
This is also an expandable that can house a lot of things.

 photo IMG_20131016_063409_zps266c52d6.jpg

 photo IMG_20131016_063455_zps3252251e.jpg
I forgot to take a photo of the pouch that is included also in this "body" bag.

 photo IMG_20131016_063437_zpse48b3f23.jpg
I love this design and its quality. It's a sturdy one and the fabric is thick.

This two alone makes me giddy and happy already. More to come because I still have a lot to feature. Feeling #blessed #lucky #winner.


  1. I like the blue fatigue one. Yes, even the little ones will love those bags :)

  2. Hi Donna! I got your link from Davao Mommy's post on the Sunshine Award. You have a nice blogging home here. I am following you through. You've got nice bags over there. =)

  3. I wouldn't have guessed they were baby bags. You're so lucky you've win these things. I have never really been lucky. *jealous. :P


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