Sunday, 27 October 2013

Prizes Revealed Part 2: Olay and Celeteque

Well as promised, one-by-one I am unraveling the prizes I won from Ms. Jackie Go's blog giveaway which you can view it here. This is the second batch of prizes I am showing you (first part post here). See? It's not only one or two items. It's more than 10 actually (hahaha!). That's how big time, generous and blessed Ms. Jackie of GoJackieGo is. And I'm so lucky to have won these items from her.

The photo below are my beauty essential loots I got. I forgot to take photo pala of the trial Cure Gel pack. But it's included in my loots.

 photo IMG_20131025_151607_zpsd58ed5b4.jpg
From Left to right: Olay Regenerist Moisturiser in 75ml bottle, Celeteque Firming
Overnight Cream in 50g bottle, Celeteque Anti-Wrinkle Collagen gel in 40ml bottle.

 photo IMG_20131025_151747_zps0b19aaa0.jpg
Pulling it out in their cartons, these are how their actual packaging looks like.

I'm a fan of Olay Total effects (side by side Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGen products) especially their facial wash and moisturizer. I swear by it's effects and they suit my skin type. I'm no vain in using beauty products. Sometimes because of my laziness I forget to apply it religiously. But as much as possible I slather some cream in my face because I have parts in my skin that tends to dry and too much oiliness in my T-zone. I'm afraid that when I get older my skin would not be that supple enough and wrinkles takes the stage. They say when you are in your 20's you have to take care of your skin and begin the 3-step beauty regimen of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize including wearing sunblock. I'm blessed to have an acne-free skin but white and blackheads are visibly all over.

So here are my beauty loots I won. #vanity #beauty


  1. That's really awesome. You've won so many prizes. Haha. I would actually love to have those celeteque products for myself.

    "I'm blessed to have an acne-free skin.." I'm jealous. I'm having breakouts now. :( Random share. Haha

  2. Ngayon, ako naman naiingit hihihi Congrats for the goodies :)

  3. Super love Celeteque... my skin feels so soft every time I use it. However, I tried Olay before my skin had awful breakouts. I guess it always depends on your skin type :)


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