Friday, 25 October 2013

Kitchen Tools for the Holidays

I really wanted to invest in small appliances particularly for our kitchen. I've been meaning to test my "sleeping" culinary skill (I believe somehow each one of us has it) for the longest time now and thinking of buying cooking aids that would surely realize what I wanted to whip up for my family particularly for my sweet tooth. Baking is my ultimate to-do wish. I know it entails a much needed time to be able to focus on making wonders in the kitchen. But I'd like to seriously start and not just wishing. I have to make a move and decide. So as I was scouting for some appliances to add up to my humble kitchen, two things I had in mind: a convection oven and the air fryer of Philips (see here or here or here).

Okay, let me start first with the oven because I had been dreaming about it for a very long time already. Before, it's the electric oven from La Germania I've been yearning to buy. Maybe today it would cost around P8,000-P10,000 pesos depending on the model. But I've been hearing about the name convection oven from a lot of mommy bloggers. It's like a turbo broiler (boiler?) pala. But now, it looks like an oven toaster that can bake and a rotisserie in one. Now I want this! It's not even that bulky and can fit in a small kitchen space like mine. Its size is like an oven toaster or a bit bigger depending on what brand. How is the two differed? You can read it here. As I searched further in the internet, I have short it to 5 designs I have to choose from.

Given I have extra, extra money, I will give Hamilton Beach Countertop oven with convection and rotisserie (31103 model) a shot. It's price is less than $100. In Philippine peso including racks and trays, it will just cost me less than P6,000.00. I tried buying online through Amazon but the shipping, handling and import taxes hurts a lot amounting to a whooping P18,000.00 (super ouch!)! Ridiculous no? The product itself is very cheap compared to the tax and shipping I'll pay. I'll just ask a family member residing outside the Philippines to buy for me and ship it here. A review of the product here.

 photo HBCountertopoven31103_zpsb2f2483b.jpg 

Or maybe a Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Stem/Convection Oven which priced a little bit higher for $300.

 photo Cuisinart_zps16816361.jpg 

A Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800W Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ would also suffice my choice for a good convection oven that would cost around $250.

 photo Breville_zpsec5843cf.jpg 

But if I have a budgeted money, I'd settle for a Japanese and affordable brand, Imarflex. My rice cooker, oven toaster and blender are all Imarflex brand which I assure of good quality. I saw this from Ms. Aileen Apollo's blog including the photo below when she raved about it here. Maybe for a starter like me, this is good enough because it's already a 3-in-1 technology. What's important is I can bake. That's all that matters to me.

 photo Imarfelx_zpsd048d8bb.jpg

I encountered Mommy Juvs blog in this particular post. There's this one photo which shows an oven from behind one of her son's photo. Funny because it wasn't that of her topic but I just saw at a glance and asked her what particular oven (convection oven to be exact) she is using. I was touched because she emailed me back with the photo of her Kyowa oven she's using. Here's what she says about her Kyowa oven.

 photo IMG_20131025_122947_zpsf6382f8e.jpg

I think the KW-3307 model (photo below) she is using because of the design against the one she emailed to me. It's much clearer from the manufacturer's website as the photos below.

 photo Kyowa_zps03a13a7f.png
Image from here

I'm beginning to get excited for my new convection oven. I really wanted to start baking hopefully during the holidays and the start of the new year. I wish I'll pick the best and the one suited for my baking moods.

How about you guys? Would you recommend a good and user friendly convection oven applicable for a newbie like me? Please share.


  1. Hi Donna! That's Juvvy, my sis-in-law! =)

    I see that you're shopping for a convection oven. Ours is the the cheapest Asahi convection oven you can find at SM Appliances hehe! Model type is OT-2311. Cost us no more than P3,000 =) But look naman, sa dami ng na-bake na namin dito, sobra sobra na ata ang mileage hehe!

    1. Hi Ms. Leah! Really? Actually you inspired me to own one. I saw your finished products and I envy those tempting sweets you make knowing the sweet tooth I am. It really runs in your blood huh! Thanks for dropping a note. Really appreciated it. Okay I look Asahi convection oven too!

  2. Good luck to your baking endeavors sis! Hope you'll be able to get your dream convection oven soon! I also want to buy any baking oven, but perhaps that dream needs to sleep pa since there are things that I have to spend my money with pa.

    1. Thanks Kristine for dropping by! I think it's my time to reward my wants this time. I've let it pass by many times. I think I deserve to do what I really love. Your time will come too!

  3. wow..i'm excited to taste your very own sweets ms donna..heheheh

    1. I'm excited too girl for my very first serious baking attempt.. Wishing my self luck here!

  4. AY!! andito pala ang email ko sa post mo.. hehehe.. Shocks! ang ganda nung Hamilton beach.. me wants.. pero patay na ko sa asawa ko nyan.. hehehe..
    Excited for your future baking adventures.. :)


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