Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Witch and the Scarecrow: No More!

We are suppose to attend a Trick or Treat event but to some unforeseen event, we are not pushing through. The mother that I am got excited because it's suppose to be the very first Trick or Treat event that my kids will be attending. Sigh! I am very certain that they will have loads of fun sana. For a short span of notice I was able to find clothes for them to wear. I'm that excited. You know! And tadah! Thinking of what might be a good Halloween costume for the kiddos, with my finds I know they will be...

The Witch and the Scarecrow.

 photo IMG_20131031_071553_zpsdea5dfff.jpg
Suppose to be OOTD: Dress -Bluezoo
 photo IMG_20131031_071602_zpsfe5d0d3b.jpg photo IMG_20131031_071610_zpsa754e8a3.jpg

 photo IMG_20131031_071814_zps691f0962.jpg
Suppose to be OOTD: Top -Miniboots; Bottom -Guess
 photo IMG_20131031_071850_zps432bbd55.jpg photo IMG_20131031_071902_zps3cd97426.jpg

I'm suppose to buy hats of them pa sana, a witch hat and a hat used by a scarecrow with matching Trick or Treat baskets. Oh my! I'm beginning to wish that we'll push through na lang. Hay diwata!
Anyway, it'll be a long weekend once again. It's better late than never. I'm wondering if there's still other Trick or Treat events after today? You have any idea?

Guys, I'm leaving you my thoughts for today and the weekend...

 photo IMG_20131031_071927_zps4c076540.jpg

Super timely is the long sleeve shirt my aunt gave for the kids. Hope you'll have an exciting filled weekend with the family. Don't forget to visit our loved ones who have gone ahead of us.

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