Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How Do You Handle Discouragement?

Negative as it seem but it sure is a lot of courage to get over it. Saying a word of discouragement can be depressing. For some, it makes you helpless and less driven in life. Others may take it as a challenge and prove to others that despite everyone pinning their dreams or decisions down, there's no way you can hinder the feeling of wanting to achieve something in life. But to some they easily lose hope, less motivated and the will power to do their own way. I'm a person half disheartened and half challenged. Every time someone prevents me from doing what I want, I have a tendency to repel all discouragements down. But of course, I know my game. I want to prove not only to others but more so to myself. And luckily, there are major decisions in my life that made all those negative remarks fail and that I conquered.

1) To be a successful interior designer. During those times, interior designing is not a 'hot' profession. Living in a less urbanized city, there's no way I can earn a decent income with it. It was a passion that I learn to love. I became very interested with designs and I told myself I want to take interior design in college. I was discouraged by some family members. Half of it I regretted why I didn't take my word but the other half of me was still okay. Because even if I didn't take the course, my passion is still there. I am successful with my chosen field right now so no regrets. But given the chance to take a short course of it, given all resources, I will still push through with my luck on it.

2) Work overseas. I am a typical shy, introvert and dependent person. I am aloof, unmotivated and silent. I am not fond of discussions, going forefront and choose to work behind the scenes. I'm quite fulfilled and accomplished doing the paper works rather than leading a big group. I fear standing and talking in front of big groups and it always weakens me. In short, I am not a risk taker. I always choose the safest ground. I don't want to get hurt or fail. I don't want to be judged and be a laughing stock as what I've experienced and witnessed. I've known myself with those ever since my childhood. After a couple of years working, I come to gather enough strength and courage to face the real world and real people. I manage to learn from individuals different from me and same with me. It is quite a surprise that I've decided to leave the shadow of my family temporarily to prove to myself that I can do more than my limitations. It is not about for others but more on to myself. My family discouraged me but they never demand. They respected my decision and I felt that they supported me in that way even if they half-heartedly allow me. Working in a foreign land is different because of language barrier, culture, beliefs, discrimation and way of working ethics. These alone can be discouraging enough for you to almost give up. It means a lot of self-adjustments. You don't expect them to make adjustments for you. But you have to work hard to be able to prove your worth. But I push myself hard enough and prove myself of my worth. I succeeded in that journey of mine.

3) Blogging. I am happy that I've come to know blogging. It is one of the happiest corner of my life right now. It is about me and everything I love. It is the expression of my life and what I am passionate of. At first, it was all about money and the earnings that I will be getting. It was kinda frustrating because it was so slow and I am not getting any as what I though it is. It was a discouraging feat. It was a personal discouragement. I am about to give up. But because of some support from fellow bloggers, I can't be thankful enough. As time goes by, I came to know myself more and the endless possibilities I can offer. It is a self discovery and it is a joyful adventure with me, knowing myself and exploring new things about me. It was like a meet and greet of myself. Funny! But I am amazed with all the support I get. I felt confidence and an inner boost. Through this, I can express what I want to say and I found relief. Blogging is my 'me-time'.

I hope you find discouragement not a means to give up. It is important to have an open mind and be challenged. It is a time to weight things accordingly and not to be impulsive. It is one way of reverse psychology. Speak your hearts out and the rest will follow. Think of good things and always be positive even if sometimes it is hard. Have faith and let God do some miracles in His own time. To God be the glory!

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  1. glad you learn to love and like it gurl...

    anyway, about your question, well I took it as a challenge anyway I am not born to please them .hehehee


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