Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Favorite Things: Crafts & DIY

I have a another blog titled, Craftifacts (which you can link below). It's not a new one but I hardly post anything on it since my time won't allow me to do such things because of mommy-hood and work. But I am a passionate crafter and a self-confessed interior designer by heart. I love trinkets and anything dainty and cute. I love to discover new ideas on creative design. I love to challenge my imagination. I love birthdays, weddings and special occasions. I love Martha Stewart and her ideas and inspiration. I am not aspiring to have an empire like hers. But I just wanna express my ideas that makes me happy in return. Here below is the link to my other world. Please support me. I would love to hear from other craft-fanatics out there who share the same happiness as mine. #creativity #crafts #DIY

Craftifacts: My Crafting Babies: Oh yes! I have a blog that is all about crafts, DIY, design and anything about creativity. It's been sleeping here for a very looooonnnn...


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    1. Thanks for always supporting on my little endeavors girl. Your words of encouragement gave me enough confidence.

  2. i like it, girl! i already followed you there.. :)

  3. I have a blog award for you here:

    Passing on the sunshine! :)


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