Monday, 14 October 2013

The Little Sales Lady

Me and my hubby always look forward to having free weekend to be able to let the kids stroll. My hubby is the one super busy with his weekend because he is a farmer during those days. But this weekend, Sunday, we took the time off. Where else could be the easiest go to destination but the mall. And this little darling has only one request: that is to bring her to Jollibee. It's super affordable and no parent could ever resist to her only wish. Her current favorite is chicken with rice coupled with french fries and a sweet treat like their sundae (which she termed as 'ice cream').

But before proceeding to the 'real treat', the hubby dropped by in one of the mall's shoe store. The little kiddo can't help but grabbing every pair and showing it to his 'papa'. And like a saleslady, she one by one grab every design and enjoyed every pair she holds.

 photo IMG_20131013_120106_zps6e59f013.jpg
#OOTDkids: top (Gymboree onsie), pants (Mothercare), shoe (gift from her Mommy La, forgot the brand)

 photo IMG_20131013_120037_zps9be145aa.jpg
Requested to take a shot of her. Ka loka mka pose. Parang Anika lang of Mommy Fleur.

So this is my happy weekend like with my fabulous family. How was your weekend like guys?

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  1. she is SO cute! it seems like she has a future in retail business..


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