Monday, 21 October 2013

Photos in Motion

Tinkering my mobile phone during weekend is something I enjoy doing while playing with my kids. They love also to be captured using my mobile phone camera, taking videos of them and doing these makes us chaotic and crazy happy. With this I got to save precious moments with them through the photos I got to take. I recently discovered that google have this photos in motion. I was amazed because it automatically sets to this like the photos in motion below. This time my subject is this adorable modulated-voice kid. Little as she is but she makes the loudest sound. Like a bajo.

 photo IMG_20131020_162828-MOTION_zps3fc542a1.gif
Little one waiting for her papa to come home.

 photo IMG_20131015_130247-MOTION_zpsdc76a735.gif
Her papa plays with her putting the head dress I brought from Celestina & Co.

Amazing no?! I find it so cute because it's like a cartoon character come alive. How about you guys? What are the things you enjoy doing with your kids?


  1. game na game si niki... go go go niks!

  2. ka cute ate! she is a big girl na!.... can't wait to see all the kids this christmas!

    1. Yes ghing ! big girl na talaga. very, very responsive and playful na.. we can't wait for December na. I'm sure it will be super fun with the kids all present.. Where's your M&M instant choco ?


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