Thursday, 23 May 2013

Zalora for my Princess Kid

This was a post that should have been published 3 months ago. I want to share this because I find it cute for my 2 year old daughter and you might find it adorable too. #sharehappiness. This umbrella is going to be useful on her when the time she goes to school and I find it very affordable already for the price of 150 pesos. I'm thinking of 2 years from now that my daughter could use this to school. And as a #stagemother #excitedmomma that I am, I didn't think twice of getting this. I just regretted that I didn't get one for her cousin Danna. Because when I went online and decided to get another one, they're out of stock already.

I just kept this for the moment in my closet because when I gave it to her, she played it by riding on it and hitting it on the wall. Oh my! Glad I came to rescue the umbrella. Saving this for her first day in school.

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