Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Morning uplifts

Today is Tuesday! It's a cold and rainy morning down South. I already had a mug of coffee during breakfast at home. But because of the weather, it's nice to have another shot of hot and steaming drink. I didn't think twice of getting another mug of coffee. So on my way to office, I passed by the convenience store to get a sachet of coffee and a food to eat with it. I chose the "hopia" (I don't know how it's called in English. Only Filipinos know what it is) to partner my coffee. My current favorite now is The Great Taste White. But unfortunately it's not available. So I saw this "White" in the shelves. It's the San Mig version.

My verdict: I'm sorry for the makers of San Mig White. But I still prefer my favorite Great Taste White. It's much creamier, foamy and with more aroma.

Photo2 on 365 Project

But anyhow, I still was filled with my "want" to have another mug of hot and steaming coffee. My tummy is somehow satisfied and my cravings solved.


  1. Coffee lover here and I've list of my fave brands of instant pack too - secret ;)

  2. Please share ate Balut! I'm a coffee addict.. I might try your faves too! Thanks for dropping by. ALways supporting


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