Saturday, 25 May 2013

Currently "Teased" by You

When it comes to scents, I like it that it's not empowering. Just subtle enough that it can notice anyone's attention (on a positive way..hehehe!) when I pass by. Wink ;)). And scents can also be quite tricky because if it doesn't complement with your body's PH, it might not smell good on you even if it does for others. So better try it your own when choosing or buying the right scent. Anyways, I'm sharing this because I am one lucky person to have sponsors/loved ones who doesn't forget me from afar. Every year I have loots that comes all the way from UK. That is already a thousand bucks savings for me (yehey!) and just like winning blog giveaways (yahoo!). This year, one of the presents I received from a friend is this one (referring to the photo). It's a body mist from Victoria's Secret, Noire TEASE. This is just one heavenly scent because I can say it can suit day and night times. Preferably for mornings, scents is more on the citrus-y, mild and gentle while that on the evenings, it's more on the sweet, strong yet pleasing to one's senses. The scent is just right for me. It doesn't itch my nose or make me sneeze a bit.

I'm half way through it.

"Sexy Little Things", as its caption says, comes in this handy parfum bottle. True indeed!

From the name itself, it certainly teases all my senses. Wearing this makes me feel a bit confident and it's like I just stepped out from a long shower bath. Spanking clean and feeling fresh all day long. How about you? What's your favorite? You might want to share and would love to hear from you.

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