Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Favorite Things: Great Ikea finds

Now that I'm married and has our own home, I love getting pieces of things for our house. These finds I like when I had the chance to visit Singapore. These are some accessories for our kitchen that I found in Ikea. I love these finds I got.

Great Ikea find #1: Spices container.

These are made of glass and the top is plastic where you can twist to close and open.

This doesn't consume space because it is made to be mounted at the back of the cabinet door.

I love the idea of this! Very accessible and convenient.
I put this inside the cabinet below where my counter stove is.

Great Ikea Find #2: Pot rack

I love this because it is stainless steel and very sleek. It can hold 2 pans at the same time. 
I love Ikea! I wish there is also one here in the Philippines.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog:)
    i like them kasi dina kailangang mag consume ng space and it's tidy to look at:)

  2. btaw..panindigan na ang pagka mama & pagka asawa.. married life makes a woman creative and innovative.

  3. wow, im excited also to have this kind of adventure. But I know I can do this even if im still single right? Well, it inspires me to get married soon. Wahehehehe, I love the feeling goose bumps and all. Thank you for the inspiration.


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