Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Favorite Things: My first Cath Kidston

Hey Guys! I'm sharing again my favorite item in my possessions. I'm not very much into bags but will choose to spend more on a shoe and clothes spree. But again I appreciate things that are presents and are given whole-heartedly (hehe). Again thanks to my sponsors and loved ones from abroad for always remembering me from afar. Anyway, here's my favorite bag given by my sister-in-law. When I received this (around 2-3 years ago), I'm clueless of the brand. Haven't been heard because I'm not so much of an OC fashionista (just slight enough to care for a presentable and comfy wardrobe that I think looks good on me). I love this bag! It is water resistant and it's easy to clean. Wiping clean wet cloth is all it takes to make this bag clean. That's it!

I love the polka dots in the red bag. It's a statement and since it has circles around,
I find this very lucky and to add up that its color is red. So much life in this bag!

I love that it can accommodate many things inside. Being a little bit OC, I can bring the entire things I needed.
I'm such a girl scout!
In my bag there's a lot of stuff. I feel that if I don't bring a particular thing, I feel lacking. Maybe next time I'll be sharing to you what's inside my heavy bag (As in super heavy! Even my husband complains and asks why my bag is too heavy, hehe..). I like bags that are big. Small bags aren't my thing.

I like Cath Kidston. It's a well- known brand in London and is originally from there. They offer a wide array of bags, shoes and clothings alike. I heard there's also a shop in Manila. They have very dainty and cute designs. To see more of their products, see and click their official website here.

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