Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In Style: Kids Fashion

Kids nowadays are way too far from our generation in terms of fashion. Back in the 80's, me and my siblings were okay whatever our mother dresses us. And whatever is given, we were delighted and very happy. You know for kids, gifts are ultimate happiness. Unlike before, today's selection of kids clothes are flooded with all sorts of style that even adults would love to have it too. And even little ones know what kind of clothes they want to wear for as young as 2 years old. Call it instant fashionistas! And because of so many advertisements bombarding television, radio and print, you can never blame your kids where they get these great fashion ideas. One advantage of having a girl kid is that you can dress them up and prettify them so easy. And seeing them so adorable makes me one proud and happy Momma!

Last Saturday, my entire family spent a good 'ol time because it was my father's birthday. We celebrated it at Ayala Abreeza Mall of Davao and ate lunch at Shakey's. We had a great time because the little ones (the cousins) were able to spend time playing around. They really had a good time and enjoyed like they owned the mall; running, walking, shrieking to their hearts delight as they roam the entire mall and played at the Atrium playground. It was such a joy seeing our kids so happy and free! Cousins Mariella and Danna were so happy to see each other and played together.

Danna (left): Top-Spoiled ; Pants -Spoiled
Mariella (right): Top-Mothercare; Shorts -Denim Co.
Mariella: Shoes -Mothercare boots
Danna: Shoes -Payless
(Pardon for the lost pair. This is the only picture that 's not blurred. The rest were vague to the eyes.)
The whole time they were hugging each other. They miss each other terribly.
..Until they were down and out.


  1. Ang pretty nila at ang sweet,, : )

    1. Thanks Giday! I'm a fan na of yours. To me you're like a Mommy Fleur version. I saw your condo too..DMCI..dyan din work si Mommy Fleur, dba?.. nice yun house nyo.. Always my support!!


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