Saturday, 4 May 2013

Our Children

Now I know that being a mom is not as easy as A-B-C. Before I used to take care of my younger cousins when they visit our house. They are so adorable and I'm very fond of them. But whenever the storm strikes, that's where the problem begins. How to tame properly the child and the right way to do it. Because in every word or every move you make creates an impact to them psychologically and emotionally. We are careful of this as parents. True enough, having 2 kids in the household is no way easy. I am fortunate that my 7 month old baby is not a problem child at all unlike my eldest when she was at the same age . She cries only when hungry and sleepy, or when her 'Ate' squeezes her too much and when we let her stay in bed lying for hours while awake. My eldest daughter is now our problem. She changed when the second baby arrived. They say its normal because before, she get used to all the attention we're giving her. But right now, of course, we have the baby to attend to that needs ample attention as well. My eldest daughter has tantrums. Whenever something doesn't come in her way, she cries, shouts, screams and dive on the floor. She don't obey on what we say to her. In short she don't listen. I don't know if for a 2 year old child she can fathom what we say. But really it makes our world and mind crazy. We don't know how to psychologize her and correct her behavior. And I think she knows to manipulate as by doing her own way. All that and more on child rearing, it is very important that in early years we as parents need to know how to teach them the proper way. Because at this stage, their mental formation has a crucial role on what they become as individuals later on. Anyhow, I've come across these captions below on one of the bloggers post. It reminds me that though we feed our kids with so much knowledge and things, we too have to respect and know their characteristics. Each individual differs and has its own way how to deal with it. Pardon, that I forgot where I come across with this. But to you blogger, thanks for sharing it and now I'm blogging it too.

As parents, it's fulfilling and a good pride that as our children grows older, they become an individual who is respectful. Respect begets respect and that covers all positive and good attitude. More power to us parents. May God be with us as we mold good citizens in this country.


  1. A duty that we can't apply for a leave, neither sick nor vacation. A 24/7 recipe sprinkled with love and affection.

    1. Indeed.. A work that is tiring but very, very fulfilling and worth it!!

  2. not good on kids..I easily get irritated that is why when my nieces and nephew see me they behave..heheheeh

    but I know I gave them a bad impression of me..bad Tita..hope I can be as compassionate and understanding Tita and a mother someday


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