Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Frozen Friendship

Is there such a thing as Friendship Holiday? Like taking friendship a break?

Have you ever been judged wrongly and unreasonably? I know you can relate to me because in your lifetime there's that somebody who will try to put you down or make false stories about you and then make it believable to others. Yes. They can make stories all out and they will try to jazz it up too much like it is the truth. In some cases, there are also your friends who were brain-washed by others and they will perceive you as one hell of a bad person. These so-called friends you have see you in a different light overnight. Like instantly! without clarifying matters to the one concerned. Isn't it unfair? What if you have done something wrong in your life? Does that measure the person you are now? We are not perfect creatures. We fail, stumble and  fall many times in our life. But each failure makes you a better person, not the same person who intentionally makes the same mistakes over and over again. What if a loved one of yours is going through something like that? That hurts a lot, right? Because you know you knew all along that person knows you already by heart and everything you have been through. It's sad to say because you can never justify it for yourself because you are not the concerned person or the one involved. But because you know the truth and you know your loved one better than everybody else, it's very heartbreaking.

I learned that you can never be too complacent in anything and everything. Just because we have this now, you can just be confident that what you have right now will be yours forever until death gets you. You may think you know the person too much but in the end they are the one's that will hurt you the more. Trials are meant for learning. You can never be strong or knowledgeable if life is just flat; no ups and downs. How boring life can be that way. But of course, you are not wishing for a bad thing to happen. What I mean is, to be able to stand up when you stumble or fall, you will be careful the next time it will not happen again in the same form. Lessons learned. True friends are not wishing harm for each other. They do not tolerate bad things to happen. All they want is a harmonious relationship while respecting each other's dignity, privacy and individuality. Real friends are there when you need them the most. They do not take advantage nor destroy each other's personal life. They support and help each other's cause. We see it that way. I am confident, hopeful and wishing that one day both parties will settle the issue and friendship will be regained. I am praying that bad vibes will be out and good ones to replace.

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  1. wow..what a post..well i hope they will be okay girl..

    but in my part if the person does something bad..I will assess her or him if they are worth to keep..well that is can't please everybody ...the most important part is you know the truth and God as well..hehehe....there is no need to worry..let them create stories maybe they are happy doing it.


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