Monday, 27 May 2013

Our House Helpers and it's Back-to-School!

The merry month of May is about to bid goodbye. Summer days are over fellas! Hello June and it's back to school once again. Nope! I am not spared with other parents dilemma on tuition fee hikes, back-to-school rush and all. Since my kids are still at non-schooling age, I thought it's going to be free of spending. But not for our household. We have 2 house helpers. One for my kids and the other for the house. But since there's no heavy work chore in our house both of them can alternate house chores and taking care of my 2 kids at the same time. This coming school year the older one is going to college and the younger one is 2nd year high school (Grade 8). Because me and my hubby do also have compassion for these two fellows, we send them to school. Its our goal for these two to finish their school because we don't want them also to be a house help all throughout their lives. We also want them to have decent salary enough to sustain a family on their own when the right time comes. These two are siblings coming from a family with insufficient means of living. Both their parents are farmers and income is not enough to send 5 children to school. We are encouraged also to help since the two are eager to finish school. I just hope they will maintain their good grades until they finish with flying colors. I know, most of you readers will react on why I have to get siblings. Me and my hubby were hesitant at first because of any sabotage that might happen. Sometimes, I can feel that both of them are very reliant to each other. Like, the other has more work than the other. There's no fair play. But for us, we find it effective to them and to us as well. Kumbaga kanya-kanyang laro at diskarte yan kung saan effective and efficient sila. And you might also get me wronged why under age, it's because it's their choice to work because they need to go to school. They want to go to school and we like it that they are enthusiastic about finishing school. We love to help people who are striving hard to better themselves. In return, it's also a satisfaction and achievement to be able to help other people pursuing their dreams in life.

Moving on to their schooling, the nanny is going to a weekend college every Sunday. Same with the younger sibling but on a high school level. The nanny will be taking up Elementary Education. I was happy she did choose that. It's like hitting two birds at the same time. My kids will get to learn from her. Instant tutoring ang peg! On the other hand, I'd like also that my nanny will learn to pronounce the right words and that her vocabulary will widen because my eldest still has a hard time speaking. I know it's my job as a parent but reality bites, the nanny has more time dealing with my children than us. I can only have a one-on-one interaction with my children at night after work and during weekends. So short a time. But nevertheless, we are still lucky to have somebody which we can trust and more importantly keep my children safe. I just hope and pray that everyday, everybody in the house are safe and sound even if we are away.

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  1. hope I can find a reliable house helper someday.. :)


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