Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Petite Brownie Bites of S & R

I have a sweet tooth. That's what I am. You can feed me sweets everyday without giving up. But because I am also cautious of my food intake and for health reasons, then most of the time I don't give in to my cravings. But nevertheless many of my friends know me that well that it's my weakness. Thankful that I have lots of them  :)))

Just right after lunch, my officemate gave me this..

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It's a bite-size brownie. There's no name when she gave it to me. But because as I said in any form that is sweet, I will whole-heartedly accept. No second thoughts.

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At first site, I'm drooling already. First bite was soft. Munching it is chewy and wanting some more. It is sweet but it is just right for the size. I had this brownie at 4 bites only. Wanting for more. Then later found out that it was purchased from the newly opened S & R store. First here in Davao City located along corner MacArthur Highway and Ma-a Streets. This heavenly goodie is named Petite Brownie Bites. Grab this eat. You won't regret.
Photo source (jinlovestoeat)
Planning now to get membership card of S & R since members can only have access to the store. I heard their pizza are delicious. When S & R opened last May 28 here in the city, the pizza section had a very long queue.


  1. yep. and you can buy food products in bulk/huge volume in competitive price.

    Btw, I already answered your question about domain here

    1. Thanks ate Balut! If you were to compare/ choose, Macro or S&R?

      Domain: I'll read it.. thanks a lot!


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